Power Breakout Session

We’ve all been in a long, in-depth meeting or conference which seems to just zap the life out of us. Taking a break is key in helping people focus and process the information.

Our Power Breakout Session is the best way to re-energise, re-focus, and motivate your team while at any conference or meeting. This powerful 60min Session will target the key skills you wish to develop through the conference. Be that community, communication, trust, problem solving and everything under the sun.


NSW Wide- At your Meeting Or Conference




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Refocus, Reenergise & Power Your Team

Don’t waste the benefits of your next conference or meeting by having your team zone out and miss the point. Have them refocus their attention and energy.

Despite being a 60min session quality & results are the top priority. We know you have a tight schedule and need your team operating at their best. Pick from a wide range of options or allow our experienced Facilitators to design you a perfect session to ensure a great success at your next event.

Epic Conference & Meeting Breakout Sessions

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