The Business Friendzone

How does one crack the code

to the Business Friendzone?


Learn the skills needed

to build your dream team and advance your career.

WHEN: March 26, 2021 | TIME: Doors Open 5:45pm-8pm

WHERE: The Show Room, Owens Collective, Islington NSW

What is the Business Friendzone?
How can you use it to build your unstoppable team or advance your career?

Where do you find the most invested and driven employees?

How do you stand out in the sea of applicants?

Using the Friendzone of Business is how amazing companies grow unstoppable teams.

Learn how to crack the Business Friendzone!

Are you tired of spending time and money trying to find the perfect employee let alone keep them?

Or are you driven to work for a particular company and industry but don’t know how?


Come along and learn the skills needed to stand out in your industry, to attract or find those top level candidates and the leadership skills to keep, and develop them for the long term.

You will gain valuable leadership and personal skills which will only help advance your career and drive your business to surpass its competition.

Skills Being Covered:

➣How to crack the Business Friendzone

➣Finding your dream employer

➣Finding your dream employee

➣Keeping your dream employee

➣Developing Your Team

➣Communication Skills

➣Developing & Building Trust

➣Growing within your role

➣Leadership Skills to advance your career & team



Those who attend the Live event will also get the chance to win amazing prizes, Culture Kit (value $150), Growth Check Kit (value $75), Networking with like minded leaders & other great prizes.
Leadership Coach

About The Speaker

Pip, the Director & Founder of Premier Team Building & Premier Leadership brings over 17 years of international leadership & team building experience.

Pip, best known as The Facilitator of Awesome knows first hand what it takes to build a powerful team, how to advance your career and stand out in your chosen industry.
Always willing to give you all he can to ensure you reach your full potential.


Join Pip and unleash your full potential.


Australia's Top Leadership Coachship Coach