COVID19 Safety Policy 

To ensure the safety of all clients, Premier Team Building has developed the following policy, while also following all State & National Laws

Group Size

Ideally all events will be held outdoors to maximise fresh air.

All events will follow the relevant State Law according to maximum group size. Where required large companies will be split into smaller groups and spread out over large areas to ensure social distancing and State laws.

Indoor events will also follow social distancing restrictions.

Client Health

Before each event, Premier Team Building will confirm  that all members attending are well in health, have not been in contact with any confirmed COVID19 cases. Premier Team Building may postpone events due to client health concerns.


To ensure group and staff safety, the Facilitators of Premier Team Building will only work with 1 company per day. This is designed to limit the number of cross over in groups.

Sanitisation Of Cleaning

All program equipment is sterilized pre and post event. Equipment will only be used by one group a day to eliminate any potential contamination risk.

All bandanas and face coverings will be new or sterilized pre event. Face coverings will be kept by each client.

Hand sanitizer will also be available for all groups.

Wellbeing Check

Post event Premier Team Building will contact clients to ensure no staff have been confirmed ill. This is to help reduce any potential spread of COVID19.

Coaching & Leadership Programs

Where possible, or required, Premier Team Building will host Coaching & Leadership Programs online via video conferencing.


Facilitator Leaders will all have the COVIDSafe App on their phone to assist in tracking of any potential cases and to keep all clients past & present safe.

Interstate Events

Some Interstate events may be delayed due to quarantine restrictions or border closures. Please contact our team to discuss 

Feel free to contact the team from Premier Team Building, if you have any questions regarding the COVID19 policy and how we are working to keep all clients safe and healthy.