After Work Drinks

How much do you rely on after work drinks to build you team? Can you really expect a social drink on a Friday after work to resolve issues? Or is it just a Band-Aid over a festering wound?


So its Friday and you find yourself falling into the same old habits of going out for after work drinks with your team.

But why?

When was the last time you asked yourself WHY are we going for after work drinks? Do you go to socialise? To unite as a team? Or to show you’re invested in them? Try to resolve personality issues between staff?

It is important as managers, business owners or Human Resources management to understand why we host such moments with our team and  to see if we are reaching our desired goals or just repeating the same old habits.

Its safe to say the old “after work drinks” is a habit many businesses use to try to help unwind after a long week or celebrate with their team after a job well done.



Stop for a moment; ask yourself why go for after work drinks, what do you get out of them and are they resolving issues you may have?

Socialising & Bonding

Many businesses go for after work drinks to socialise with their team. We stand or sit around a table, exchange antidotes and do what looks like team bonding. But if you stop and look around, who are you able to talk to? Are you speaking with everyone, or is are you talking to the same people as always


Typically, we can expect people to sit where they feel most comfortable and whom they are comfortable with. We don’t really get to socialise with everyone and in turn we don’t get to bond as team. While at a table we physically can’t speak with everyone, but only those in our immediate vicinity.

If there are issues within one’s team, someone feeling they are an outcast, or new to the team, after work drinks might not bring the team together or make them feel welcomed. Such people might not come to these events or skip out quickly. When people feel like an outsider, a simple drink doesn’t solve these issues.



But what if you could use your after work drinks as a more social experience? Bond your team, break down barriers, improve communication and truly unite your team. Wouldn’t that be a better use of time and money?

Think creatively! Change the way you handle your after work drinks and spice things up.

Active events such as trivia, or social events are a great way to break down barriers and unite the team. If you can honestly admit the purpose behind your do after work drinks and consider how much you value your team, you can find amazing ways to reinvent the traditional boring after work drinks.

Find ways to mix your team up, fun ways to get them to interact with each other; but especially get them to socialise as a WHOLE team, with people they wouldn’t usually interact with while out for drinks. That is how you get the most out of your after work drinks.

Find a local trivia night & sign your team up, put on a social event and bring your team together. Just be creative, unique and ensure its full of energy! 

Something like Minute To Win It or Challenge Night forces people to get up & be active, work in different groups, bond and most importantly laugh TOGETHER as a united team.

Don’t just sit there and “socialise” get up and have fun! Blow off some steam! Add some adventure to the night like: laser tag, archery tag, indoor axe throwing or Go Karting.

Change the dynamics of the usual night out and see the change within your team dynamics.



Break down the barriers within your team with unique staff social events. Find a common ground, a similar interest or better yet, a new experience to them all. Allow your team to experience something new and wonderful together to see how they bond as a team!


If you need help with your next social night, or how to get the most out of your after work drinks, feel free to contact us! We’re always here to help you and your team!


Invest in your team and they’ll invest in you