Baby Steps

Big changes require baby steps

Often we work with clients who have BIG goals, who need to make BIG changes. But to reach these goals, it requires small, consistent steps.

For some these seems like an off concept. Why would we take small steps to make big moves?

When it comes to growing leadership and culture within your company, especially big change, often small steps are required.

This concept is rooted in fitness.

When one goes to the gym and deadlift 300kg at your very first visit. You have to slowly add weight, lift consistently, then overtime add more weight until you reach your goal. You see that makes sense; lift small and slowly add more and more weight. 

Otherwise if we rush, lift too much, too fast, too soon and we hurt ourselves. Ultimately not being successful, delaying our success due to injury.

baby steps

Consider this when you look to make changes within your leadership and workplace culture. If you rush, try to change too much you can shock your system, scare or hurt your team. Inevitably sending you backwards and delaying you results.


But how does one take baby steps to improve their leadership & workplace culture?

Small, consistent actions

Reverse Engineering 

When it comes to building culture, one must reverse engineer the path to success. Where do you need and want your  team to be? What workplace culture would you like to have? What kind of leader would you like to be?

Ignore where you are, you are setting the result you expect and desire. 
What is the atmosphere? How do people interact? What emotions does your place of work elicit? What do you do to maintain that place?

Once you know these answers you can reverse engineer backwards and find the small consistent steps to reach your goal.


A Four phase baby step plan to building your culture 

This example shows you three simple steps to improve your workplace culture. One does not stop an earlier step, but continue each indefinitely 

Month 1-3

Month 4-6

Month 7-9

Month 10-12

Add a fruit bowl at work

Say nothing, just add it, keep it stocked with fresh fruit. Stop, enjoy a healthy snack and just casually chat with whomever is there then continue on your way. Fresh and healthy options are always a great booster

Monthly Coffee planning

Start of every month implement a coffee planning session with the team. Discuss goals and objectives for professional and personal growth. Great way to support local business.

Team Socials

Organise after work dinner & drinks every 1-2 months. No shop talk, try including partners when possible too. Not every night will have a great turn out, but stay consistent

Team Development programs

Implement team development programs to be done every 2 months. A mixture of training and fun events. Consistency shows the value one takes in the team and creates a positive environment 


By doing these small, little baby steps over time, we do not shock the team, it alows the team to slowly adapt to the changing surrounds. It's a lot like the old frog in the boiling water. We make small changes to so they get used to the concept, to warm up to their new workplace culture, otherwise they are more likely to fight back and jump out. frog in hot water


As these changes are all small,  they allow us to form new habits around them. Like many of the best diets, you make small changes over time, so you can adapt. Too much change, shocks your system and you are less likely to maintain the course.


If you want to make real, sustainable change in your workplace culture, take small baby steps and form new habits