Benefits of Team Building 2021

Why would you consider running a team building event? What's in it for you? What kind of ROI should you expect from your team event?

What are the Benefits of Team Building in 2021

Top reasons for Team building | Team Building NewcastleIncreased Staff Retention-

Staffing costs are often some of the hardest numbers to see when doing the books. On average, to hire 1 person it can cost a company at least $5000. Some Studies show the overall loss to a company for each person they need to replace, the downtime, training, picking up the slack by others can run up to 40-60K PER PERSON.
Team Building events cost pennies in comparison If you focus on doing result driven team events, it can help mitigate staff turnover and save thousands.
When you invest in your team, it shows you value them, you can find new strengths in certain people, empower team members and find areas in need of improvement before they become toxic to your workplace.

When people feel valued, respected and have room to improve they are less likely to quit.

Improved Morale-

COVID has put everyone on edge, loss of hours, playoffs, new hires, change in operations; these are all areas which can have serious impact into anyone's morale. 
When you have low morale in a workplace it translates directly to customer service, creative thinking, co-operation, communication and countless other areas of your business. 

Low morale is one of the key factors of low creativity and drive. If someone is unhappy they'll JUST do enough. And JUST is never enough.

If you've noticed someone, or many people dragging their feet, or being down, then you should look at running a team event focused on boosting morale (Find your perfect event).

An event focusing on fun, communication and trust will boost your morale, which will help staff retention, customer service and productivity. 

Improved Customer Service-

If you are going to tell us that you wouldn't like to see improved customer service you are lying. We ALL want to step this up. Even at the top of our game we want to do better. 
Customers are our lifeblood and we want to make sure they get the best service. Well consider team building a form of internal customer service. You are giving your team the tools, time and respect they deserve to do the best job possible. Which will directly impact how they treat customers.
If you ignore, disrespect, abuse or take your team for granted, you set this standard as how the company treats people. BUT if you treat them with respect, care and empower them, you set a standard for how they'll treat customers.

Stronger Problem Solving-

Team Building events can target your problem solving skills by teaching the importance of cross departmental communication, sharing of resources and just working effectively as a team. 
Programs like Mouse Trap or Lego Masters making the team's "check out" from their daily work and have them approach a new challenge with tools they are unfamiliar with. This forces them to all start on an even playing field, open communication and build stronger teams.

With the ever changing world we live in, especially with COVID changing how we live life daily, problem solving is key to adapt and overcome. This is a key skill which will have you surpass your competitors.

Stronger Trust & Respect-

"If people like you, they'll listen to you. But if they TRUST you, they'll do business with you" Zig Ziglar

Work is a lot like going to battle. You need to trust the person next to you. You need to ensure your team is willing to back one another, feel supported and that when they step out on that ledge, take a risk they'll have the support of the team backing them.

Team Building Events can help your team learn to trust one another, let them get the confidence to speak their mind, voice their opinions and have their teammates support them in the challenges.



But Where To Begin?

There are so many options out there, so it can be daunting of where and how to find a powerful team event.

Here are our  little tips to find your perfect team event:

  1. 1-Find an organisation which customises team events which will 
  2. 2-Be open to feedback and change
  3. 3-Focus on VALUE over flashy show of money being spent. 

If you want to see which events and style of events would suit you and your team, take our

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