With the new year ahead, we wanted to make sure you had the best information at hand to ensure your team building events for 2021 give you great results!


With so many options for “team building” and “team bonding” options, it can be hard to navigate which team building program’s are best and which will give you the best return on your investment. So, if you’re seeking the pinnacle team building event which is going to pay off, then look no further!


We are going to lay out our top 3 team skills which will pay off big time in 2021, and which team building events will deliver you the best results.

After 2020, the best team building skills to focus on are:

Communication – So many teams had to adapt to working remotely, some still are, or perhaps are working 50/50 home and in person, teams need to really focus on their communication to ensure the adapt to the changing times and keep delivering excellence

Trust – With so many people being at risk in 2020 of losing their jobs, they may not trust those around them. They could feel like their co-workers could be out to get them, or the boss is looking to “cut costs” and drop another team member.

Safety – A lot of people are feeling down after 2020, a lack of Christmas team events and a fear of losing jobs has seriously impacted their sense of safety. This causes them to lose trust and confidence in their teammates, leaders’ and the company. Safety is key for creative thinking, problem solving and risk taking.

Top Skills for 2021


Best NSW team Events

best team event for 2021

Top 3 Programs Styles for 2021

There are thousands of options for team events, but making sure you find the right style is key for 2021.

This year, start off with programs which are less Competitive (person vs. person) and more unifying in purpose.

Events such as AMAZING RACE, SURVIVOR, RAFT BUILDING all carry a big competitive nature. They have clear winners and losers, and when you want to unite the team as a whole, despite they being so much fun, could exacerbate some pain points within the team.


Team challenges like MOUSETRAP, RC SPEED RACER and any PROBLEM SOLVING based events will start you off on the right path as they are unite the team through a singular goal. These are the premier team building events for 2021 which will elevate your team to great heights of success.



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best team event for 2021