Christmas Party Do’s & Don’ts

5 Do’s and Don’ts when organising you’re your work Christmas party

With Christmas nearing its festive, holiday head, its important to make sure you get the very best out of your work Christmas Party.

With how important hosting an end of year staff party is to your company, its critical you get the most out of this event. Make sure you check out our past blog Don’t Cancel Christmas to learn the full impact and importance of this event.


To make sure you get the best out of this end of year event we’ve compiled a list of 5 Do’s and Don’ts for this year’s Christmas event.


Don’t Make it a meeting

You are here to celebrate the year gone. Talking for more than 5 minutes about work is going to be considered a meeting. At that point you can run the risk of the staff feeling as if they should be paid for their time.

It sets the tone of event; you are all together to celebrate and enjoy each-others company, not discuss business.

Don’t Talk about money

DANGER ZONE!!!! Don’t talk about the budget or anything financial! The moment you do, people will look around the event and calculate how much you’ve spent on the party.

This is where people can become focused on them being passed over for a raise, having their projects passed over due to lack of budget and countess other things.

Money is always a sensitive topic, but during the holidays its more touchy.

Don’t Go heavy handed with team building messages

If you want to do team building as part of your Christmas party, go for it! But keep it light hearted and fun. No sit-down sessions; focus on community, moral and fun. Make sure whatever you do is FUN. Doing a Social Program where it focuses on those skills, such as Minute to Win it, or an Boat Adventure.

Don’t Assume everyone’s availability

Christmas is a very busy time of the year for people. When it comes to a Christmas party make sure you give everyone lots of notice to give them the best chance to make it.

Planning for the future you can make the Christmas party a tradition. The first Friday of December for example, could be a way to manage everyone’s expectations moving forward to help people plan ahead.

If wanting to make sure everyone can be there, not cut into people’s personal time, do it within work hours. A few added bonuses of doing the event within business hours: your staff feel more invested by the company, they don’t have to cut into their limited personal time. Plus, business hours allows you to reach a high number on people via social media, promoting how caring and invested the company is within their own staff.

This is a VERY good look for business to been seen caring about PEOPLE and not just MONEY

Don’t Just spend money for the sake of spending money

It’s safe to say the holiday period is stressful on a number of fronts. We’re all busy, gifts to buy, things to wrap and bills to pay. When it comes to this event, don’t look at the budget and ask, “how much do I get to spend?”.

By spending a lot of money and flashing off the expensive nature of the event, you can remind the team of their own financial struggles and have them question why they can’t get paid more.

When organising the event, first answer the following: Why are we doing this? What is the GOAL of the party? What do we want the team to get out of the event? What were some struggles and challenges faced throughout the year?

Once you know these answers, you can review the budget and then plan the best suited event.



Do Make it fun and relaxed

This is a celebration! You are here as team to enjoy one another, celebrate the wins of the year and to look forward to the coming year. Doing something Adventure Based, going to a winery or a fun pub event is a great way to bond as a whole.

If you plan to do team building, just make sure it’s a subtle message through the event. Remember the focus of this event should be: Fun, Celebration & Community!

Do Thank your team for all their hard work and sacrifices

You were brave enough to admit you needed help and employee a team which allowed you to grow your business and reach new heights. Think about where you would be without them, their hard work and dedication to the success of your business.

Make sure you take time to thank them as a team and more importantly, each one individually. If you can prepare a small memory or antidote about the past year to share with them personally one on one, this will really make a lasting impression on them and mean so much more than you could imagine.

Do Consider transport options for staff

Will people be drinking at the event? How will they get home? This is a stress which can put off the team and make people anxious about the event.

Considering organising transportation for the event, or Taxi vouchers to give employees. This way you help relieve some stress they may have, you show how much you care about their safety and that you really want to ensure they can be present and relaxed at the event.

Do Make it family/partner friendly

You expect so much of your team; be honest, all businesses do and that is ok. But who do they go home to? Who do they vent to, take their stress home to, bring their work home to, and spend so much time away from? Their family!

Take this opportunity to invite partners and families to join you for the event. This way if the event is outside of business hours, they aren’t spending time away from their family, it also shows the business appreciates the whole family for their sacrifice and support they make.

This also helps you build a bigger community and support network within your team. Makes you more of a family, which can help them support one another.

Do include a fun gift exchange

Secret Santa games can be so much fun, but if you do a typical style it might not be as much fun as you hope.


This year try the White Elephant Secret Santa Game. It might be a bit longer, but you get to learn so much more about your team. What their interests are, passions, and sense of humour. It’s doubtful you’ll go back to the

traditional version the next year.

Honestly, you’ll love this game and is so much more fun! Besides you can even buy yourself a gift and maybe take that home!secret santa





Hopefully these Do’s and Don’ts help you and your team get the most out of this year’s Christmas Festivities. If you need help with your party don’t hesitate to reach out and ask, or take our Free Team Assessment to see which programs would suit your needs best.