Corporate Team Building – Proactive or Reactive

When it comes to developing one's team, you can either be proactive or reactive.

Depending on your mindset you can look at Corporate Team Building in one of two ways:

  1. 1. You only do it when you have an issue
  2. 2. You do it to ensure you don't develop an issue

In our daily lives, we are often doing things which are all one in the namesake of being proactive. People rarely choose to be reactive when it comes to simple things such as: Brushing out teeth, eating meals, driving safely and so much more

We go to the gym to ensure our body is healthy and in good condition, we go to the dentist or doctor for regular check ups, visit our chiropractor, take our personal vehicles to the mechanic and water our lawns.

This is all done to avoid issues rising. Why go to the dentist when you have no teeth? Or visit the doctor when you can't walk any more. You are proactive to ensure you can operate normally day in, day out.

You wouldn't actively let yourself get to this point. Why let it happen to your team?

Even in business, we are constantly doing things to be proactive:

  • -Saving for taxes
  • -Marketing to ensure business continues to grow
  • -Service our vehicles and machinery
  • -Plan with our accountant

How much money would you lose if your workplace machinery or vehicles broke down? How much money would you lose if you have NOBODY to use those vehicles or machinery?

This is what Corporate Team Building should be used for. It should be used to maintain a level of excellence, not to try and make your team "good enough".

Corporate Team Building is best used to maintain your staff at their best. When you are having to rely on team building to rebuild your broken team, you will have already spent a large amount on the hiring process and all the fall out from that issue.

When a team is working well you are spending less

Doing Corporate Team Building doesn't mean you have an issue within your team. It means you value and appreciate them.

If you ignore your team, don't show them you value them, want to develop them as individuals and as a team; this is when you will have issues.

Learn about the importance of team building and use this tool to help grown and develop your team and business.

Over the long term of your business, taking part in Corporate Team Building events bi-annually or quarterly, will cost far less than the loss your business will feel from having a broken team and reduced sales from declining customers.

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