Free Team Building Ideas Australia – DIY Team Building

For some of us we don’t want to leave it to the professionals but we know the importance of team building.

Or maybe you haven’t found the right company to work with at this point and time. So you may need to run your own team event, make sure you know the difference between bonding and building events to get the most out of your time

It’s great to know of some Free Team Building ideas which you can do around Australia with your team:

  • Beach day- This is Australia, if you are nearby a beach use it! So many great beaches at your disposal and so few businesses use them. Many local beaches have BBQs which are free for the most part, so why not take your team out for a BBQ beach lunch day. Fun, simple and easy to do. Have people bring their own lunch or shout them a sausage or BBQ on the grill

  • Picnic lunch- Its fair to say that beaches aren’t everywhere, but there are parks all over! Find a great nice little park nearby your office to host a lunch picnic. Give everyone a heads up about this plan so they can bring appropriate food to make it a relaxed inclusive picnic as a team

  • Dog park- How many of your team have dogs? Is there a local dog park? Or perhaps there is a local shelter you can all go into and volunteer at for a couple hours. Dogs are proven to boost morale within the workplace, so why not have your team bring their dogs in for the day, go and play at the park or take out some shelter dogs or a walk.

  • Geocashing- If you haven’t heard of this you are missing out! This is a modern-day treasure hunt which takes place all over the world. Download the free app and use the free aspect of the platform to start your day off right. Hidden all around the globe there are hidden treasures which the app will lead you to, then you need to find. As a team pick a few around your office and head out to try and find as many as possible.

  • Potluck- With Australia being such a melting pot of cultures why not use this to your advantage and unite your team? Ask everyone to bring something unique to their culture and family for a meal which they can all share together

  • Community clean up- We only have one planet. So why not get the team together and go clean up a local park or beach? Not only is this great to bring everyone together but also an amazing event to promote one’s self in the community.

  • Coffee date- Everyone enjoys a drink of some sort, be it tea, coffee, juice, water; we all need liquid. So why not find one or rotate through your local coffee shops as a team to take a moment out of your day to just enjoy each other’s company.

Working on developing your team doesn’t need to be expensive. Many of these are great things to include into your regular schedule at work as ongoing ways to develop your team. There are more options than just after work drinks, so make sure you look at your team, find what you think is going to suit you and your team best.

Most importantly team building events aren’t a once off,
they are something we do to maintain a level of success over time.

But Where Are The Results In Free Team Building Events?!

Part Two Coming Soon...