Get The Most Out Of Your Staff Christmas Party – Part II

PART II- Tips On Planning Your End Of Year Party

In this second and final part to this blog series (Part I) we give you a few simple tips you can use to make the most out of your end of year event.


4 Tips for planning your end of year party

  1. Spend wisely- Don't just book an event because it will look good to the team. Ask the supplier "What do I get out of this? What results can my team expect?". If they can't give you a valid answer, or it doesn't match up with your goals, it's not worth your time.
  2. Set goals and desired outcomes- Before booking make sure you know what you want out of the event. Tell the suppliers, if you are working with one, what you need and that they have to meet your needs to get your business. A few single goals could be: Create a better bond, Show the team how much you value them, Fun, Improve customer service and Boost their morale.
  3. Make it an investment- Rather than just booking an event which is only going to cost you money; find an event, or supplier who can offer you a program which will make you money in time. Events which will boost your sales, reduce staff turnover, improve morale and in turn reduce sick leave are 3 simple ways an event can make you money. Don't just buy something because it looks good. If it won't aid your team and business overtime it is an expense and not an investment.
  4. Be Smart about it-If you plan to do a team building event, make sure you work with someone who can craft a custom event which is heavily focused on fun with a strong undertone of team building. You don't want to have someone preaching to you about teamwork for your Christmas party. The event should naturally allow them to come to that conclusion through fun and games. It is a social event and that must be the most important aspect, yet the foundation should be the on-going success of the team.


Now if you still aren't sold on the importance of an end of year event, watch this!


Your team's family is part of your team. They are the ones who support them after the long hard days and hear them complain.  They will ultimately be the ones saying "Quit" or "Don't quit". Find a way to include them, or rather than giving a basic gift your employee, give them a gift which must be shared with their partner (dinner voucher, movie tickets, hotel night)