Get The Most Out Of Your Staff Christmas Party – Part I

It will soon be that time of the year again. Businesses will shut for a period, be it hours, day, or weeks over the holiday period. But with this time of the year comes end of year Staff Christmas Parties, or whatever your company refers to them as. We’ve spoken a number of times regarding the importance of not cancelling Christmas; but what about using it to your advantage?

Is there a way to use this crucial, some might say mandatory, team social to develop your team and make or save you money over the next year?


In this two part blog we are going to give you tips on how to get the most of out of your end of year event AND how you can make use this event to help generate, or save you money over the next calendar year.

PART I - Ensure your staff Christmas party is an investment; not an expense.

No matter what you do, hosting a staff Christmas party, or any end of year work event is going to cost you money. But it’s how you spend that money and what that money does for you which is important.

By investing wisely, your end of year party should bring you financial gains or saving the next year. In many ways you should be able to use this event as a passive income generator.


All team events should focus on results, regardless of the goal or theme of the event. You should be using your event to develop your team.

Your end of year staff party should be used to: Unite your team, Develop a community, Improve Morale, Strengthen bonds and improve communication. These elements, at the very least, must be the subtle, yet crucial, undertone of your event.

Delicate hands

Now it is important that you don’t forget, this is a Staff Christmas or End of year party. If you are choosing to work with a professional company, rather than try to handle it yourself, it is imperative they use delicate hands when delivering the program.

The tone of the event needs to be happy, fun, jovial, full of laughter and just about being together.  If you have chosen a company who knows how to deliver real results, they should be able to use the event to develop those other skills without making it heavy handed “team building”.

Long term investment

But how do these factors make it an investment? How will they make or save you money?

By reviewing the year you’ve had, as a team, the highs and the lows; you should know what the team needs to lift their spirits and feel valued.

Rather than just take them for dinner and spend lots of money on a nice night, if you can invest in an amazing event, which includes dinner or something similar you should be strengthening your team.

Use this event to kill two birds with one stone. Celebrate the year while developing your team. By having your team feel valued, motivated, happy and working better as a whole they are more likely to deliver a better level of customer service, boost your sales and give you higher returns moving forward.

Christmas is often a time of the year where many people consider changing jobs, which costs you money by hiring, training, down time in production and lack of service.  Use this event to limit your staff turnover come the new year.

Money Making

  • Reduce your staff turn over
  • Increase productivity
  • Deliver better service

These are just three areas which can be improved by you using your end of year party as a platform in invest and develop your team.

Don’t just spend money on an event because you need to. Make sure you know why you are spending the money and know how your investment will better you and the company.

If you are serious about seeing the best results possible from your team contact us to find out which programs would suit your team perfectly.