Lockdown 2.0


With the news of all the recent COVID19 breakouts in Victoria and New South Wales there is talk of more potential Lockdown  2.0 across these two states.

So it has us wondering… are we all ready to do this again?


Over our years of Leadership Coaching and Team Building, the one consistent thing we find with our clients, is how rare it is for companies to do an A.A.R. (After Action Report).

During our programs and even post program we do reports and debriefs to break down what has happened, address shortcomings, celebrate wins and ensure growth and success moving forward.

Which has us wondering, who out there has done an A.A.R. regarding the last lockdown and from having their teamwork from home?


The First Time

The first time we were thrown into lockdown, we had to react. For many they woke up and had to find ways to get their team to work remotely, how to continue to do business… react, react, react.

But now with the looming chance of Lockdown 2.0 approaching us, you must choose: React or Be Proactive


Ideally we hope there is no lockdown, fingers crossed everyone does the right thing and the second wave is stopped. But where is the harm in reviewing what you did?


Proactive Approach

We’ve all had the chance do experience Lockdown 1.0, so we can sit down and review what we did. Ask our teams the hard questions like:

What did we do right? What did we do wrong?
What were some of your biggest struggles? What could we do to improve if Lockdown 2.0 is required?
How can we help you moving forward if Lockdown 2.0 is required? ✪ Do you have any recommendations if Lockdown 2.0 is required? 

Why do an A.A.R.

Asking these simple questions can give you great insight into your team, how to develop your procedures and move forward to be more successful.


It’s important after all projects, all events, anytime a new change is made that you take time to do an A.A.R.

We’ve seen clients who’ve always said “we’ll review later” but area always too busy to do so. They struggle with the same issues again and again, yet never take the time to properly review what has taken place.


There is no risk of doing an A.A.R. (besides learning). The best case of reviewing Lockdown 1.0 is that you will be better prepared for Lockdown 2.0 and worst case you develop better procedures for staff working remotely.


Get ahead of this potential Lockdown. Look after your team so they look after your business.