Team Building Events- You’re doing it backwards

Team Building Events are not for end of year parties.

What? Did we just say that? Yet so many team building companies rely on end of the year parties to make carry them through. This is when there is such a high demand. So why would we say they are NOT for end of the year parties.


What is an End of year party?

This is a celebration as a team. A reward for all the hard work and success a company and team has experienced through the year. 

It is a big THANK YOU for all you have done. 

Ideally end of year parties are fun and a social event, Team Bonding is the key focus not Team Building (Team Bonding vs. Team Building).


An end of the year party should be a party, it literally has it's definition in it's name.


To include Team Building in such an event can undermine the whole purpose. It can be viewed as:

"You've done so well this year, but we need to work on a few things..."


So what are Team Building Events?

Team Building events are tools used to develop key skills and goals chosen by the organisation and its leaders to ENSURE SUCCESS.

Consider it this way... You throw your hands up in the air and celebrate when you cross the finish line of a marathon. You don't cross the finish line to train for that race. 

This is what happens when you use Team Building at the end of year parties.

Ask yourself this,

"What are we doing to ensure success this year, which will validate our end of year party?"

If you are one of the many people who feel Team Building is a waste of money, consider if you are using it appropriately? Are you using this tool to ensure success or are you using it as a reward for succeeding? 


We see our Doctors, Personal Trainers, Mechanics, Accountants, Chiropractors throughout the year to ensure success and improvement. We don't see our Personal Trainer at the day of the competition to begin our training, the opportunity for success has passed.

This is why so many end of year parties are met with resentment and criticism. 

Employees see all the money spent of this party celebrating their year's success, but they can't see anything being spent through the year to validate the need for this party.

Speaking with client's we're heard how they resent going to flashy parties and having their leaders give them lip service but they never received the help they needed and dereserved throughout the year.

Use Team Building To Ensure Success

But how?

team building

Planning & Goal Setting

First plan your goals for the year. Address the areas which need to be improved, skills needing strengthening and targets for the team/company.

Discuss your team building supplier to ensure they can deliver (you deserve to get the product you require).

team building


Implement Team Building and Leadership Programs in accordance to your planning and goal setting.


Assess current works being done, review performance and success of team moving towards the goals and targets.


Repeat your team building & leadership training regularly to ensure continued growth and success. Consider Team Building your personal training sessions to allow you to lift heavy. You don't train once to get your "gains" you train often.

team building


If you've followed the above plan, communicated your needs effectively with your Team Building & Leadership Coach effectively, you should have reason not to celebrate. 


To see the real value in team building and to make the most out of your end of year parties, use Team Building & Leadership Coaching to reach your goal, not to celebrate your goal. This is where you will find the value and your team will thank you for it!