Time = Value

Most of us has heard the expression that time equals money. But change how you think about this when it comes to your team.

Time equals Value

Everyone can calculate what their hourly value is. Be it what they want to get paid, or what they get paid; everyone can come up with a value for their time.

But what does this mean for your team and their morale, or how they feel valued?

If you, as a manger, owner, or leader spend TIME on them, especially something out of the ordinary, they will appreciate that. Since everyone knows that their time is worth $X, if you’re an employer or their superior then your time must be work $XX. So, but this logic, if you are willing to spend time on them, it means you value them, to which they can put an actual dollar to.

How can you show them this time and value?

Now this doesn’t mean micro-managing, that isn’t value. They see it as wasted money because you are paying them to do a job which you aren’t letting them do. What this means is you sacrificing time for them. Be it a visit to the office to see how things are going, doing a ridealong for a day to learn new techniques developed in the field or just anything which requires you to stop your usual task and spend time with them.

Here are a few simple things you can do, which require time and shows you value them

  1. Handwritten thank you notes- Take the time to grab a sticky notepad, then handwrite a little thank you note to each person. Stick it on their desk, equipment, locker or whatever and leave it be a surprise for them.
  2. Organise a surprise staff lunch- Tell the team you have a meeting which they need to all make, then surprise them with some simple catering lunch. Only rule… no shop talk! Just enjoy each other’s company.
  3. Coffee Run- If you have a great induction process you should already know how people drink their tea, coffee or smoothie. So one day, just do a coffee run and bring everyone in a coffee
  4. Make them a coffee- Are you lucky enough to have your own coffee machine & you know how to use it? Set yourself up and begin to pump out coffees for everyone.
  5. Bring in baked goods- Do you bake or cook? Make an extra batch on the weekend and bring it in for the staff, with a nice little card.
  6. Sit with them for lunch- Rather than eat at your desk or in your office, step out and join the team for lunch
  7. Birthday Cards- Send your employees personalised birthday cards for your employee and/or their kids! Add a little note and you’ll win them over

These are just a few simple little things which require time. But time has value. If you are willing to give someone your time, it means you value them.

Take a minute from your day and do something selfless for the team.



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