Unemployment Vs. YOUR employment (JobKeeper vs. JobSeeker)

This is becoming a trending topic around the globe. People choosing to take unemployment rather than continue to work for an employer. Here in Australia we have the JobKeeper, the Government is subsidising pays of employees $1500 a fortnight, or the JobSeeker (roughly $1100 a fortnight) for those who've lost their job due to COVID19. Yet despite the JobKeeper being more, many are choosing the lesser payment...

I've heard and read many companies & leaders, complain about this "issue". Blaming their employee for abandoning them in their time of need. But the one thing I rarely hear are those companies asking "WHY?". Why don't people want the JobKeeper over the JobSeeker?

Why are people opting to be unemployed rather than work for them?

Now don't get me wrong, this is a tough time. Having people abandon you in your time of need sucks. BUT is it really that bad?

If you are going to truly grow and improve, you need to be self critical and aware. Let's consider the following as we review the fall out from this:

  1. WHY are they quitting? Is it really the money? Or were they never with you in the first place? Were you an ATM to them or were you a career?
  2. Why are they not willing to stand by you as a leader? This is a deep question. You, sorry, WE all need to reflect and see if we were doing right by the team. What have you done as a leader to KEEP them?
  3. Are you dwelling over those who've left you rather than value those who are with you?
  4. At times of war, we want the best and the bravest to stand by us. The cowards run, but would they have us assisted us win the war?
  5. STOP TAKING IT PERSONALLY. Double down with those who have stayed. If they have stayed they are saying: “I like it here” “I believe in what we do” “I believe in you” “I appreciate what you do for us”
  6. Learn from those fleeing the "sinking ship". Compare those who stayed and those who didn’t. Start doing exit interview, show how much you value those who have stayed (literally write them a handwritten thank you note!!!), ask those who stayed why and what YOU can do to grow for THEIR betterment

What does it say when someone has left you?

If someone has chosen to leave your employ and take a pay cut (unemployment), chances are they are feeling that working for you/the industry is not worth the extra money for the pain, stress and sacrifices they make and feel. Perhaps they value themselves too much and feel that what you are offering them (in conjunction with JobKeeper) isn't valuing them enough. Perhaps you need to find ways to show value, in non financial benefits.

You can't tell someone how they feel is wrong, but you can learn from it

This is a hard look at you, us, as leaders. And if we can seriously consider this aspect, we may grow as a leader.

Now I understand that there are people who would rather sit on their butt, do nothing and get paid for it. Perhaps those were some of the people you lost. SO WHO CARES?!

Are those the caliber of people you would like to have as part of your team? Or do you want those who really believe in you, those who know the hard work is worth it, believe in the business, feel inspired and just love what they do to remain as part of your team?

You must be honest with yourself. As a leader you must admit you could part of the problem, you can't just blame other.

So what does this mean? Where do we go next?

  • Check your ego and consider YOU may have been the reason, or part of why they left.
  • If you were the problem, THANK THEM for showing you and use this time to improve
  • Critically evaluate what you've lost and what you still have.
  • Have you lost unmotivated, poor performing, non-engaged, and lazy employees? WIN!
  • Implement exit interviews, ask those who have remained, what made them stay.
  • Accept, Adapt, Move on!



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