Were you even happy? -Time to upskill

It’s heartbreaking to see so many people out of work, businesses shutting or reducing their workforce all due the COVID19 Pandemic.

But is there a silver lining to all this? Is now the time to upskill?

Far too many of us are trapped in roles due to fear, or uncertainty and even just due to being lazy. For so many people we are now, for once, equal. Given the change to reboot, reset and rebuild.


Do you ever wonder why you never left on your own? What made you stay, what makes most people stay at a bad/unfulfilling job:

  • Money – Often people are unsure of where their next paycheque will come from, so they don’t risk anything because of their current place of safety. But when the chips are down, and ever cent counts, you’d be amazed at what amazing actions you will take
  • Lazy – You have a job now, you don’t need to change anything today, there is always tomorrow. But when you don’t have a job, unsure of where you next paycheque is coming from, then you have no tomorrow. Action must come today!
  • Fear – What will people think? Will they judge me? It’s safer to remain here
  • Uncertainty – “I don’t know what to do, I can’t just try things…” Trial and error is a great way to find what you or don’t like.

If you are one of those who have been let go, take a moment to really ask yourself:

“Was I happy?”

Were you one of those individuals who went to workday in, day out, purely out of habit? Did you feel fulfilled? Happy?

No one can ever judge you when you say, “I’m not happy!”. Your happiness is key to your health and to the quality of work you produce.

If you are honest with yourself and admit you weren’t happy, don’t be bitter that your ex employer who had to make such a hard choice during challenging times. Be grateful you’ve been pushed into this position where you can now make the changes you’ve been putting off.

Now is the time to upskill! 

How to change:

  • Try – Get out and try new things. Put aside your ego and just try new jobs, new tasks and new hobbies. Find what scares you and try it. When you were little you may have hated Sweet Potato, but now as an adult you realise you love it. You reached this position by trying!
  • Seek happiness – Forget everything else, find what makes you happy and pursue that
  • Write goals – People are always scared to write down and put up their goals. It’s so easy for others to see when you’ve come up short. Forget that. Put your goals public so you see them every & hold yourself accountable
  • Learn new skill – Use the abundance of information at your fingertip to grow. Take new courses, watch videos, read, listen; just consume as much knowledge as you can!
  • Trial and Error – Get out and make mistakes. Try new things. If they don’t work, assess why and adapt them



How to upskill


There are so many great ways to learn new skills. Here are a few of our top picks for you:

I. Google the words “How to _______”and fill in the blank

II. Search YouTube for “How to _______”and fill in the blank

III. Google “Free online courses/Free courses”

IV. OTEN Free TAFE Taster courses

V. Subsidised Training & Qualification TAFE

VI. Fee-Free* TAFE Courses

VII. Free Webinars

VIII. Read Blogs

If you are serious about personal growth and want to seriously improve during these times then you need to:

  • Drop any resentment for being let go
  • Value the chance you’ve been given
  • Take action
  • Plan
  • Take ore action
  • Try
  • Continue to take action!


We've been given a rare chance to upskill and redefine ourselves. Don't waste this time. Take action, small or large, but don't waste this opportunity.