You Invest In What You Value

Invest in your team

When it comes to investing time, money or energy, people only invest in what they care about; or at the very least invest in things which will bring them the biggest returns.

Investing isn't always about buying stocks, but it is can be spending time or energy in someone or something to see growth which in time will give you a return on your investment.


In your own business there are few areas which you can invest internally in:

➢ Yourself

➢ Your Product

➢ Your Machinery

➢ Your Team

Investing in your Products will attract more sales. Investing in your Machery will improve production. But investing in yourself or your team will drive everything the business does.

You need people to make the sales. You need people to run the machines. So it is crucial you invest in your people.


2020 has made many of us question where we invest. How and where we spend our money. We've become critical on investing in areas where we will see returns. But with people being a crucial area which all businesses rely, why have so many stopped investing in their teams?

What is investing

Investing does not always mean money. When it comes to people, investing often refers to time and caring. This can be done by spending time with them, listening, helping and just being present.


This year we've had to lean on our teams more than ever. We've needed everyone to dig deeper, work harder, have less hours, take less pay and do everything possible to keep us all afloat. It's clear to see how much our teams have invested in us and in the future of our business.

As the year comes to an end, the question arises: Do you host an end of year party or not?

Many companies are opting to skip the end of the year team events, because it is "just too hard". Which is counter intuitive to the year gone by. This is the time where all teams need to feel valued and appreciated for all their hard work, now is the time leaders must invest in their team.


How to invest in your team 2020

Host An End Of Year Event

By you taking time to organise an event you are investing in your team. Remember, Time is value.

They've given you so much time and energy this year the least you can do is offer them a team event to show thanks. The act of just giving them something, to organise something, is how you invest in your team. 

Spend appropriately

This is not the year to put on an open bar. It will undermine all you have said and done regarding saving money and cutting costs. No need for fancy over the top events or party.

Get Value

Whatever event or party you choose to run, ensure it gives you something back. That it builds morale, shows thanks, build that connection between the team and you. Don't do something without purpose, make sure you get value from your investment.

Say Thank You

Take the time and write thank you cards to each team's family. For the extra stress, worry, hours and hard work.



The best way you can invest in your team this year, is by giving them YOUR time