Online Team Building Events

Why Consider Online & Virtual Team Events?

If you have a team that is based all around the country or perhaps around the globe, to host a traditional Team Building Event, you would need to pay for travel and accommodation for your event. And this could set some companies back $10,000 in just logistics! Not to mention the stress COVID can put on a Team Building Event.

With Online Team Building Events, you can relax knowing there are no more logistic fees or COVID Concerns! 

At Premier Team Building we focus on delivering measurable results through our team challenges. Our online programs will have your team physically engaged with the kits we sent out to each and every person. 

More than just trivia night!

Keeping your team connected and engaged can be a challenge, especially with the ever changing world due to COVID with so many teams working remotely or in mixed settings.

Typical online team events are just a simple trivia night or click through game. No real skill or team development considered. With our Online Hands-On Team Events we ensure that everyone in your team will have their own physical kit to ensure actual skill development for the team and ensure a positive ROI.

Why Hands-On?

Being Hands-On during team challenges creates a deeper level of engagement and connection within the team. When someone is struggling with a challenge, someone else from their team will have experienced this same problem or is currently dealing with it as well.

How Does It Work?

Pick one of our many challenges, be it a Lego Challenge, Mousetrap Race Car, Catapult Wars or any of the 21 events. Our team will then prepare all the materials and tools needed for the event (we supply everything). We post out the kits to everyone or your head office well in advance before hosting the event on the night. We take care of it all for you!

Online Team Events
Online Team Building

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    Online Team Event Ideas

    Top 3 Events

    Lego Creations

    “Where’s the instructions?!”

    Could you imagine getting your Lego kit and not having instructions on how to build it? What if you had to rely on someone across the country or state to give you instructions without them being able to see your work?
    This challenge will have people pairing up with their own Mini-Lego Kits while having one another’s instructions.

    Catapult Wars

    This has the potential of being a Two part event. Part 1: Build a Catapult at home Part 2: Bring it to work and bombard your co-workers!
    Posting your team a box of supplies for them to use to build their own, Mini Catapults.

    The team will need research on how to build Mini-Catapults as part of this Online Team Event and discuss which designs will give you the the furthest distance fired.

    Mouse Trap Racer

    Have you ever built your own Mouse Trap Car? What About multiple identical builds all around the country?
    In this challenge we send everyone in your team their own kit of supplies.  At the start of the event they’ll get to quickly do some research as a group before they split into teams to build their Mouse Trap Cars.
    Can they work effectively in teams? Will they choose speed or slow release?

    20+ Event Options

    Bow & Arrow | Catapult

    Geometric Shapes | Gliding Car

    Helicopter | Hydraulic JudoBot

    Hydraulic Machine | Hydraulic Hand

    Momentum Spinners | Mousetrap Car

    Pneumatic Machine | Propeller Car

    Pyramid Catapult | Straw Rocket

    Rubber Band Car | Sail Car

    Slingshot Car | Pyramid Slingshot

    Trigger Launcher | Hydraulic Box

    Trivia Events?

    While we focus on hands-on, result driven team building events, we do still offer trivia events