Alright Battlezone Team, we hope you are ready to explore the great city of Newcastle!

Using Social Media, QR Code Scanners, Google Maps and your own ingenuity we hope you can find your way through this great city.

Now Craig don’t be a post hog; make sure you all share the responsibility of sharing and posting.


Okay, let’s get this started!

As a team we need you to make your way to this Location. Here you will find an amazing place to show off your best instagram model skills. As individuals or team, do your “best” or most comical photo shoot to be an Insta Model¬†¬†

Once you’ve done this, go to Instagram and post it on your feed. Make sure you comment with:


Shooting lasers by night and insta modeling by day! Thanks to @battlezonelasertag @premier_team_building & for helping us show off our moves! #instafamous @instamodel #nofilter #teambuilding #newcastlebeach


Check your tags all work, we need to see the photos to get your next clue