Exciting Team Programs

Uniting your team through exciting team programs and unique fun programs, Premier Team Building customises all of our programs to suit your exact needs. Programs are designed to improve morale, communication, bond, problem solving, stress management and so much more.

Pick from any of the below exciting team programs which are available New South Wales wide. Whether it is in Newcastle, Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast or the Hunter Valley, we can adapt to any location you need.

Ask about for a free team assessment so our team can develop a program to suit your exact needs.

Results Program

Serious team building for serious businesses. Our Business Results Program are for those who want to see real, measurable results long after your event. Build a serious business with a serious team!

Amazing Race

Splitting up into smaller teams as we explore around the city in a customised Amazing Race to suit your team. Tell us your teams interests an we are sure to incorporate them into the day

RC Speed Racer

Working in teams you have to build an elevated race track before you break out the RC cars to race around as the RC Speed Racer

Photo Hunt

Bringing scavenger hunts into the 21st century! Follow digital clues as you run around a nearby resort or through the city. QR codes hidden, clue boxes, GPS co-ordinates and so much more! Posting your antics on social media to receive clues as your team works together to solve clues

Lego Masters

Creativity at it's finest! Lego masters is the ultimate corporate team building event! Pushing creativity, problem solving, time management and the release of your inner child!

Problem Solving

Perfect for groups who require regular problem solving and need to come up with unique and creative solutions on a regular basis. These fun, frustrating and undoubtedly hilarious puzzles will open up your team, show them different ways to think and solve their daily problems at work.

Team Building 101

Fast pace, full of energy. Perfect for teams with specific goals and skills they wish to improve upon. Each event will be unique according to your groups needs and goals for the day. This traditional event is a great day full of fun events which will bond your team and improve their interpersonal skills in the workplace.

Day in the vines

Bring your team together with an amazingly exciting Hunter Valley Team Building Event. Reward your team by taking them to Calais Estate in the Hunter Valley as we put on an amazing event including winery tour, tasting and champagne making plus exciting team building programs.


Perfect for teams wanting to work on their communication, team work, project managing, bond as a unified team, and improve their general team skills which can all be transferred to the working environment.

Mix and match Vineyard day

Create your own perfect team building day in the Hunter Valley. Pick from any of our team building programs, add a winery tour, sparkling wine making, wine games, picnic lunches and so much more!


We won’t be navigating through the jungle from location to location, to make life simple one central area will be used to create a number of challenges which will push teams to overcome and endure.

Mini Olympics

Mix in the use of water balloons, Frisbees, Hula-hoops, and leaky pipes. These Olympics are not like anything you or your team has experience before. Walk away smiles, great photos, a stronger unified team, open minds and a happy crew.

U.N. Support

Ultimately all countries will need to work together to supply water along a pipeline and fill a well for a country in desperate need of water. Perfect for teams wanting to work on their communication, team work, project managing, group management bond as a unified team, and improve their general team skills which can all be transferred to the working environment.

Team Ropes Package

Spending a half day with your team as you take part in Team Ropes. Team building event followed by a ropes course climb or indoor climbing event

Adventure Add On

Premier Team Building will facilitate an amazing team building program before any of the following programs: Boating, Ropes course climbing, Horseback riding, laser tag, archery tag, Jet Boating and so much more. Ask us today about our adventure add on options which will make your team day out, one to never forget.