Wolf Pack Culture Program

Growing Positive Culture & Leadership

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Team Building with a difference

Cornerstones For Success



With over 17 years of international experience, the founder and director of Premier Team Building witnessed firsthand how many team development programs failed to actually help. Through these years he developed this program with the cornerstone values of Accountability, Honesty, Transparency and Community.

Through his years of experience, a one of a kind program was developed. This program which not only holds teams accountable, but also ensure measurable growth in Leadership Teams around the globe.


The Wolf Pack Culture Program is an honest and to the point training program for serious leaders. Punches will not be pulled; the kid gloves are off and leaders will all receive honest feedback.

Unlike traditional team events, this program will last up to 12 months. Through this program you will be held accountable to your own outcomes to ensure real success is met as a leader.

Working directly with the Founder & Director of Premier Team Building, the team will have overall goals, along with individual goals. Each member will be held accountable for their actions as they each play a key role in the success of the team.



Where do you see your team going? Reach high, set your expectations high!

Through the Wolf Pack Culture Program, we work with you and your leadership team to develop their leadership, foster a positive culture within your workplace and ultimately give you knock on effects through the whole business.

When you have a positive workplace culture, you can expect higher levels of productivity, less sick days, higher profits and generally more success as a total entity.

Holding all parties accountable is where leadership is forged, bonds are made, trust built.

We will work with you to set goals for the team as a whole and as individuals. This isn’t pass/fail, the only way through is pass. The team will work together to strengthen their bonds and succeed.


Are you and your team suitable?

This Program is for serious teams and serious leaders.

If you can’t not accept the fact that you may be responsible for your team’s failure or struggle, then you may not be suited to this training. As accountability is a core value to this program, all leaders, up and down the chain of command, must accept their faults and need for development; while celebrating their wins as a team.

Are you and the team driven to succeed? Grow as individuals & as a team? Willing to hold yourself and your team accountable to implement new procedures to ensure growth?

If yes then this program is for you!

You WILL do the following

  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Take responsibility for all aspects
  • Believe in your team & yourself
  • Put trust in the teams capabilities
  • Be part of the whole
  • Set and Meet Goals
  • Make time for Leadership meetings through whole process
  • Succeed

Program Inclusions

  • Fully customised team program
  • Half to Full Day team event
  • Targets and Goals set along with Measurable data points.
  • Total Accountability
  • Audio Transcripts
  • Workbooks and Leadership logs
  • Individual Team Member Assessment Reports
  • Full Team Assessment Report
  • Future Goals and Tools Post Program
  • & MORE!!








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This event is for business who want to see results from their team.

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