Results Program

Delivering Business Results

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    New South Wales Wide

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    3+ Hours

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Team Building Done Right!

Developing one's team is a serious game and we play to win. This program is for those needing or wanting business results


If you are serious about developing your team, want to see measurable results and require results, then this event is for you.

This is more than just a one day event, this is an investment within your team!

Objective such as: Reducing staff turnover, boosting company morale, improving leaders within teams, developing overall communication and much more can be achieved through this business results program.


Serious Commitment Only

With our Result Based team event, you will be guaranteed to have the Founder & Director of Premier Team Building as the lead facilitator of the day.

Our director will work with your team months after your event to hold your team accountable to the goals and objectives set out by the company.



Working with you we will work to set measurable objectives for your team to meet within the months following your event.

We will the design a customised team event which will be direct and specific for the goals and objects set out.

Day Of

On the day we will target your specific goals through a series of fun and unique team events. Pick from any of our programs and allow us to deliver the best event imaginable.

Post Event

Following the event our team will provide a team assessment following the event. Our Director will then follow up with each member from the event on a fortnightly basis or more if needed. We do this to ensure the team is held accountable for the skills developed. Each member will also have director contact with our Director as their own personal resource to help them develop and implement the skills.

Follow up

As we reach the deadline our Director will provide a report on the team and discuss with how the objectives had been met. We will provide a report on actions the company can choose to implement moving forward to continue developing as a team.

In person site visits can be provided post event.


On the day it is best to have an event at least 3 hours in duration. Pre-Event we will set an overall duration of 3 months, 6 months or longer to ensure the goals and objects are met by the team.




This event is for business who want to see results from their team.


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