Casino Night

A perfect staff social night! Casino night is fun, engaging and for a great cause! Do it for Charity, Do it for fun, Just do it for your team.

  • Location


    New South Wales Wide

  • Duration


    90min +

  • Size


    Groups of all size

Casino Night

Be it for Charity, Staff Rewards, or just a fun team night; Our Casino Night is perfect for your team's next Social Night!

This fun event will have your team working in groups, or playing as individuals as they rotate through a room full of traditional casino games. Playing Poker, Craps, Horse Racing, Dice Games and even Blackjack to see who can win the most amount of chips through the night.

Adaptable to countless venues, from your local pub, conference hall or even your workplace. Include a private cocktail bar to make this feel even more like a casino night for your team.


Team Rewards

Perfect for companies who want their team to walk out with actual prizes from Casino Night. Either supply your own, or supply us with a budget and we supply your prizes.

Come the end of the night, each person will have an amount of chips, from their winnings, which they use to to bid on prizes during the live auction. Each person will get to walk out with a physical prize. Perfect for end of year parties

Charity Night

Your team work in small groups as they play multiple games over the night. Chips carry an actual dollar value which is then put towards a real charity.

At the end of the night, our facilitators will tally each team's winnings. Once done we will announce which team is the winner and how much money will be donated to the charity of their choice.

You, the company, select how much money you would like to donate, then we divide the value up to each chip. Either total amount donated to one charity or each groups winning is donated to multiple charities.

An amazing way to use your Casino Night to give back

Just Fun

Keep it simple and just have an amazing team night where you socialise with each other around fun and silly Casino Night games.

Optional Extras:

  • Make It A Charity Night (you set the budget)
  • Take Home Prizes (set your budget or supply your own)
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Catering
  • Live Music
  • Magicians


Skill Development & Outcomes

Skill Development

✪ Boost in Morale

✪ Team Work

✪ Communication

✪ Project Management

✪ Community Awareness

✪ Social Bonding

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