Charity Team Events

Giving back to your team AND your community

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    Indoor & Outdoor Event NSW Wide

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    3+ Hours

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What's better than a "normal" team building event?

A team building event with purpose!

Out Charity Team Events not only carry all the benefits of our customised team building events, but also alows you to give back to local charities.

Each one of our Charity Events is customised to suit your team's dynamics. Through a fun and exciting event we develop your team's skills while giving back to the cause and charity of your choice.


Be it a day event of a staff night out, these Charity Team Events will not only unite you as a team but allow you to support and give back to your local community.


Pick from our range of Charity Team Events

Putt-Putt Food Drive

Indoor & Outdoor Event

You Pick The Value Of Food Donation

Splitting into small teams, with the use of Canned Food, recyclable materials and Duct-Tape each team will build their own Putt-Putt green.

Once all groups have built their Putt-Putt greens, everyone rotates through playing a fun game of put put.

Come the end of the event, all the cans used to build the Putt-Putt greens are donated to local food drives and charities in the name of the business.

Casino Night

Evening Team Event

All winnings donated to charities of your team's choice

An amazing social evening for your whole team. Either work alone or in teams, it's you against the house.

The chips have real value, which you choose.

Tell us how much money you would like donate to charities and we split this amongst the chips for the evening. Each team will gamble for the chance to raise the most amount of funds possible for their charity. The house too is competing to win money for their chose charity.

Come the end of the night, each group will have their chips counted and the corresponding amount donated to the charity of their choice.

Add in a cocktail bar, live music, this event is an amazing team social event with purpose.

Dog House

Indoor & Outdoor Event

Who doesn't love dogs (or cats)?

Time to get your hands dirty! With this amazing team event we work together to build dog houses (or car scratching posts) which will then be donated to local animal charity groups.

Using some pre-cut designs you get to be become Bob The Builder. Can you build it? YES YOU CAN!

Build some amazing dog houses, paint them, decorate them before we send them to pets in need of a loving furever home.

A few local animal charity groups will even join us to have their fur babies test out your build.

Build A Bike

Indoor & Outdoor Event

Helping Kids In Need

Spitting into small teams, we each get to build and decorate our own Bicycles. Running the brake cables, attaching the handlebars and testing the bell.

After the bikes are built, surely we will need to give the a little test before they are donated to a local charity who supports youth in need. 

Some groups will be lucky enough to have the recipients arrive in person to say thanks as they claim their new bikes.


These amazing Charity Team Events are perfect to build your team's morale, improve connections with each other while also giving back to the community.


This is team building with purpose!