Cocktail Masterclass

Learn how to master the skills of a bartender. Bartending Skills, games and tasty creations

  • Location


    New South Wales Wide

  • Duration


    2 hours +

  • Size



Become a master cocktail wiz!

Gather your team for a fun and engaging event as we enjoy this Cocktail Masterclass!


More than just after work drinks, or the best end of ear staff party, Cocktail Masterclass will give your team the skill needed to show off at their next house party.


Working with local amazing bartenders, who are leaders in the cocktail field, they lead us through a "How To" on making great cocktails, which we the get to sample.

Our Cocktail Masterclass program is the evolution of staff drink and team building events. Rather than just sitting around having a drink and trying to socialise with them, this gets you up and active while you learn what it takes to make your favourite cocktails.



Bar Games

If you are looking for more than just some amazing new cocktail skills, then the bar games are perfect! Learning important skills from behind the bar, race to serve your clients, navigate a busy bar and maybe even fancy bottle skills.

Cocktail Masterclass

Breaking into groups we walk through the process of making some famous and classic cocktail making skills.

Learn how to muddle ingredients, practice your shaking skills, pour the right proportions and make it take amazing.

Skill Development & Outcomes

Skill Development

✪ Boost in Morale

✪ Team Work

✪ Communication

✪ Project Management

✪ Trust

✪ Social Bonding

Team building Done Right!

This program can be adapted to countless locations all over Australia. We work with local amazing bartenders to ensure our team can deliver an amazing cocktail class to you and your team. This social Fun event will leave lasting memories for your team.

Perfect for your end of year staff parties as we break out the bottles and show you what it takes to be a master cocktail craftsman.

From your local pub, Surf Club, Office and countless other venues, this won't disappoint you and the team.


Also an amazing event to put on for your special clients!

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