Egg Drop

Perfect for social events, evening programs and team bonding events.

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    90 min or less

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Egg Drop

Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to build a protective casing for your groups egg. The Goal is to protect the egg as it is dropped from above. If you fail... no more egg

Depending on your groups size, multiple groups will be created. Each group will have access to a series of supplies which they can chose to use to create a protective care, or parachute to protect their egg from the inevitable drop.

Limited resources will push groups to be creative and describe on how to best protect their egg; to which they must also name.

Once everyone’s time has been completed, one by one, groups will have to drop their egg from a set height to see whose design remains superior.

Program includes:

  • Fully customised program delivery targeting your objectives and goals
  • Post event follow up from your facilitator to check on teams development
  • Team Health Check report post program
  • On going recommendations for further development

Make sure you ask for your Free Team Assessment today to receive the best possible program custom tailored for your team.

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