Team Challenges – At Home Edition

Hands on, remote online team building events perfect for team's around the globe. No more lame trivia!

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At Home Team Building - Remote Team Events


A Team Building Event which is hands on will give you the best results for your team. But what if you can't meet in person? How can you do a hands on team event without being... all hands on? Don't worry, We've got you!

Our At Home Edition Team Building Events are the best programs to ensure actual returns on your team event.

With our range of At Home Edition Team Events we will post each individual in your team their own kit of supplies required for the event.  These challenges will force your team to communicate effectively, set goals, align objectives, plan, research and manage their time.



The best part of these events are that your team will get an inclusive hands on event, while keeping their creations to remind them of the event and skills they learned.

These programs are perfect to re-unite your team while stuck in lockdown, interstate and international teams. Just because you can't be "together" doesn't mean they can't work together!


online team game ideas

A few of our at home programs:

Mouse Trap Racer

Have you ever built your own Mouse Trap Car? What About multiple identical builds all around the country?
In this challenge we send everyone in your team their own kit of supplies.  At the start of the event they'll get to quickly do some research as a group before they split into teams to build their Mouse Trap Cars.
Can they work effectively in teams? Will they choose speed or slow release?

Everyone will get to keep their creation which is an amazing way reflect on their epic team event

Lego Creations

"Where's the instructions?!"

Could you imagine getting your Lego kit and not having instructions on how to build it? What if you had to rely on someone across the country or state to give you instructions without them being able to see your work?
This challenge will have people pairing up with their own Mini-Lego Kits while having one another's instructions.

Relying on clear communication and time management, will they complete their builds in time? Or better yet will they complete them properly?!

Catapult Wars

This has the potential of being a Two part event. Part 1: Build a Catapult at home Part 2: Bring it to work and bombard your co-workers!
Posting your team a box of supplies for them to use to build their own, Mini Catapults.

The team will need research on how to build Mini-Catapults as part of this Online Team Event and discuss which designs will give you the the furthest distance fired.

Distance is key as if you plan to sneak these back into the office you'll want a good sneak attack!


All of these events are customised for your team's and ensure everyone has something to keep post event. Don't lower your standards for some trivia based online team event. Get some real results with a hands on at home team event.

20 Program Options To Pick Form

Bow & Arrow


Geometric Shapes

Gliding Car


Hydraulic JudoBot

Hydraulic Machine – Simple

Hydraulic Hand

Momentum Spinners

Mousetrap Car

Pneumatic Machine

Propeller Car

Pyramid Catapult

Pyramid Slingshot

Rubber Band Car

Sail Car

Slingshot Car

Straw Rocket

Trigger Launcher

Hydraulic Box




Skill Development & Outcomes

Skill Development Best Corporate Team Building Events | Sydney | Newcastle | Hunter Valley | New South Wales | Premier Team Building

✪ Problem Solving
✪ Improved Morale
✪ Planning Skills
✪ Communication
✪ Developed Negotiation Skills
✪ Project Management
✪ Trust
✪ Unity
✪ Creative Thinking

Program includes:

  • Fully customised program delivery targeting your objectives and goals
  • Post event follow up from your facilitator to check on teams development
  • Team Health Check report & On going recommendations for further development