When people are happy at work they deliver better results. From a higher standard of customer service, improved sales, reduced sick leave and higher staff retention. These are just a few of the benefits from taking part in an amazing team building event organised by Australia’s Premier Team Building Company.

When you work with Premier Team Building you can expect a customised team event, designed to best suit your team and it’s unique needs.


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Why Premier Team Building?

With over 17 years of International Team Building experience, our facilitators bring passion, experience and creativity to all programs. 

Knowing first hand the importance of  united team our facilitators will adapt to any challenges on the day to ensure your program is not only fun, but give you the results your desire.

Tell us your goals, dreams and pain points then watch us deliver an unforgettable team event.

Programs ranging from Amazing Race, Day in the Vines, Mini-Olympics, Survivor, Nerf Wars and so much more!

Events for team from as small as 4 to 100+.

No Group is too large and small teams need love too!

Team events New South Wales wide and Interstate upon request.
Be it the beach, the mountains, local parks, your office or resort.
Programs to suit all schedules. 90 minutes or less, 2-4 hours, full day and multi-day events.

Powerful companies build powerful teams.
Invest in yours today!


Where do you operate & run events?

We run our events all over NSW and interstate when requested.


Ideally we would love to get you out of the office to help switch off, but we can run our events at your office, at the beach, nearby park, around the city, while away on a conference, in a vineyard or just about anywhere to ensure you get the best program.

Why do team building?

When your team works well as a unite every aspect of your business grows. Customer service, sales, productivity, problem solving, morale and even staff retention.

Team building events are the best tool to remain operating at your peak. More than just games they deliver measurable results to your team

How much will it cost?

A better question is how much will it save you? Losing staff is a HUGE cost. A company can lose 20-60K per person they need to replace. So if a team building can improve your staff retention you’ll be saving thousands.

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Can we see past examples?

Sure you can! Check us out on:

Are these just silly games?

While on the surface it might look like some goofy games, these challenges all work specific skills for a team. As we customise our events to target your “areas or weakness” or your goals, these challenges will target that area.
It’s like doing a specific exercise at the gym to target a specific muscle group.

Why do you customise each event?

It’s the right thing to do… each business is unique, with their own unique team members and challenges. Every team deserves a program suitable to them and their needs.

How can we expect to deliver you results if we don’t customise the event to suit you?

What if we need or want more than just a team building day?

We’ve got you!

We have our Maintenance Program which is the best way to invest in your team and manage your cashflow over a 12 month program. Along with this we have our sister company Premier Leadership. Fill in your enquiry form and we can talk about the full range of support we can offer you