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The team from Premier Team Building & Premier Leadership offer a range of development programs to assist clients and anyone willing to develop their leadership skills or m advance their business.

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Improving Staff Retention | Leadership Training NSW

How to improve staff retention

Staffing is one of the biggest expenses to businesses. Ensuring you keep the best staff is a sure-fire way to reduce your costs.

Learn how to improve retention, create a culture resulting in staff retention, identifying motivators and planning for future staff.

Leadership & management webinar | Toxic chivalry

Toxic Chivalry

How often does one of your team members willing allow someone to go before them? 

Toxic Chivalry impacts your team to its core, sets people up to fail and can be seriously damaging to those on both ends of the “chivalry”

workplace culture | how to build workplace culture webinar

Culture is Key. Culture will eat ANY strategy for breakfast.

How do you build a culture from the start or what do you do when you realise you have no culture?

This webinar will layout how to begin a workplace culture, how to start with employee one or what to do when you need to start building a culture when you have a team.