Let us introduce you to the Madness Behind the method of Premier Team Building our Director, Founder, and lead Facilitator of Awesome Pip

Now you must forgive him, he speaks funny, apologises for apologising, wears shorts in the middle of the winter and this is just the tip of his Canadian Habits.

Canadian born and now Australian based, Pip has over 18 years of Leadership Coaching and Team Building Experience.

Pip brings such a varied background from being a Lifeguard Instructor, Outdoor Education Teacher, Ice Climbing Guide, Canoe Instructor, Ropes Course Facilitator all of which crossed paths with Leadership & Corporate Team Building throughout his career.

Early in his career he was a leader at an Outdoor Education Centre where we had to train people of all ages, was responsible for a team of lifeguards and developing a ropes course program to develop teams of all size. His career has had a long-term tie with the outdoors and bringing people together.

“I’ve worked with the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of bosses. I set out to ensure that no one ever felt undervalued, mistreated, and mislead like I had been. This is why I launched Premier Team Building. My honest goal… Raise the bar of leadership to the point our company is obsolete. I’m actively trying to run ourselves out of business” Pip has told us before.

Pip loves to get his hands dirty by actively playing a part in our Programs and building many of the challenges. “I don’t want to ever be disconnected from what we do…” you’ll hear him say when you catch him in the middle of building a new challenge and asking the team what we can do better.

We asked Pip why he chose to design programs which suit teams as small as 4; “Small companies, especially new companies, need a strong team by their side. If a small company was to lose a key employee, it could literally spell the collapse of their business. Ethically we should do all we can to help small businesses strengthen and weather the storm they’re about to face...”

“I saw a real disconnect in team events here in Australia, it felt more like a one night stand. Have fun, give money, high five… go about your business. This wasn’t the ethical way team building should be done. Which is why I ensure we customise our events. Every team is different and deserve an event which is specific to their needs, goals and struggles...”- Pip

Pip chose to set up Premier Team Building to help businesses of all size develop their staff, empower their teams, and make the business world a better place. If people feel valued and appreciated at work they do a better job, give better customers service, take less (false) sick leave, and ultimately help their employers grow.
Pip admits he loves to push team’s in just the right way, trigger them, to have them realise new ways of approaching challenges and developing as leaders. Not to mention he gets to buy A LOT of toys to do it in the process.

You can find Pip exploring with his big monster dogs on his days off, looking for new challenges for clients, enjoying this new country he calls home, lifting heavy things then putting them down before repeating the process again and enjoying a smooth dram after a long week.

If you want to learn more or Connect with Pip to see how he can support your business find him on LinkedIn or his Public speaking socials