Align For 2022

Team Alignment 2022

Is your team ready to conquer 2022? Better yet, are you ready to lead them this year? 


Let’s not dwell on the past 2 years. We’ve been saying it for a while now, and hopefully now it’s clear. We must all ADAPT or we will be left behind.

2022 must be the year of team alignment. When we all have a clear direction in which we are traveling together, we move as one.

The past two years have fractured many team’s. People traveling independently, working towards their own goals or departments being selfish and not aligning to the team’s collective goal.

The best teams in history have all had a clear singular goal. They understood how their tasks aligned to the team’s singular goal. Everything they did was in line with one another.


This is why you as a leader need to align your team with a clear singular goal.

Now some people will say “you can’t have one goal” and that is an excuse for laziness. If your goal for 2022 is to have the best customer service out of all mobile mechanic fleets, then everyone in the company should strive for that goal. Every department should act to ensure the overall experience of the client is in line with the company’s singular goal.

So how do you align your team?

1. ONE GOAL- No department or team get’s their own goal. The company is ONE, so they have ONE goal. Choose a goal which can easily be digested by all parties of your organisation

2. Align your Leaders- Before you can unite the masses your leadership team must be aligned. This is often the hardest part. Far too often managers act to promote their own personal goals and growth. You must ensure your leadership team understands the only way anyone can move forward is by everyone moving together.

Start your year early with a leadership team event. A full day alignment session where you can work on past issues, outline the year’s GOAL and plan as a team how they will execute.

3. Align the team- Break down the goal and how it relates to the department. If you run a hospital and want to improve guest experience, your cleaning team will is crucial to keeping the hospital clean, presentable and help minimize potential germs spreading. This is how they align to the goal.

Ensure each team understands the goal, make it clear to them all

4. Keep it present- Remind the team as the year progresses as to how they are working towards this goal. Have it visible in memos and other publications so they understand how the leadership team values this goal.

5. Stay Consistent- Throughout the year ensure your message stays on point. Any team development days are consistent, regular and the message remains on point.

If you can invest in the time to untie your team in 2022, this will be a catalyst for future years. It will allow you to overcome challenges conquer year after year.

A united team is an unstoppable team.