Why your company has to Celebrate Christmas

End Of Year Parties & Staff Christmas Events


Now before you get upset about being told you have to Celebrate this religious holiday you should really take the time and read this blog.

You see we aren’t saying you have to, we are saying that chances are, you haven’t given yourself any other option but to celebrate this holiday; and here is why:


You see in the Western world, a large population of the community actively celebrates Christmas. It’s a tradition they do every year, without fail. They know when it’s coming, have habits around this holiday and never miss celebrating it.

You see THAT is why you have most likely set yourself up to have no other option but to celebrate this holiday with your team. They have a tradition, a culture and you as an organisation do not.


Let’s be clear here; we are simply talking about a tradition, a habit which they have, and you do not.

Come November and early December countless businesses begin their panicked, last minute, rushed and overpriced End of Year/Team Christmas Party. Yet this time of the year is often the busiest for most companies. They can’t really afford, or find, the time to shut down and celebrate as a team.

An End of Year Party means shutting down for a day, or celebrating outside of hours which means longer days and chances are people can’t make it. This is why so many people have very high stress levels as it relates to End of Year Events.

We know, you’re reading this and thinking “Yea I know… yet I STILL have to organise an event!”. But you Don’t! That’s right, you do not need to put on a massive End of Year Party.

“But didn’t you once say, “Don’t Cancel Christmas”? How can you say we don’t need to this year?!”. Yes, we did, and if that’s what you are thinking, I don’t think you are picking up what we are putting down. So, let’s spell it out.

Christmas is a Tradition (for many). You must celebrate it because you don’t have a tradition of your own. SO CREATE ONE!


This could be the pivotal point in your organisations culture, morale, and future. Amazing companies have amazing culture & traditions. So let’s help you build a new tradition.

Traditions are simply: Actions over time, repeated indefinitely.


Here is how you can skip the “normal” End of Year/Staff Christmas Party:

If the end of the year is too busy, then find your normal lull after the busy season. This is often come February or March.

Once you know when your lull is, pick a day of the week, say second Friday and that day from this point forth will ALWAYS be your Companies “End Of Year Celebration”.

Next you must schedule the event in yours’ and everyone else’s calendars. This way, companywide, everyone knows THIS day will always be the event.
Include this in all new employee welcome packages, on your website for “closed days” and even list in your job contracts so your customers know that on this day your team will not be present.

We’ve even seen teams have their client’s sign an agreement that on the selected day, they understand no work will be done.


You See what you’ve just done, is created a tradition within your organisation. This is how you can skip the traditional “End of Year Events”.


The benefits of doing so are massive:

  • Events off season are often cheaper
  • Easier to plan
  • Less stress
  • Creates tradition & build culture
  • Everyone knows you prioritize your team


But in all fairness, you do need to still do a Christmas/End of Year gathering in the Holiday Season (note the word gathering, not party). You see with everyone on the same page about your annual team event, they will understand not having a big event for the end of the year. But you need to do something.
               We suggest doing causal drinks, weekend BBQ at a nearby park (so families can join), team lunch or go to a comedy show. But what you are doing is simply saying “Hey everyone, just to cap the year we are going to do X. If you can make it awesome, if not we understand how busy this time of the year is and we can’t wait to celebrate properly at our companies annual (insert tradition here)”.

It is still a lovely idea to send a Christmas gift package to your team’s families, so they know you care, but ultimately the goal is to downsize the December event planning and costs associated to then focus on the big event later in the year.


The key to being successful with this, is to be consistent. This is why we pick a certain day of a week, then block that time out for all parties for the conservable future.
But the biggest warning is this… you CAN NOT skip the event, EVER! This day must become law. We’ve seen the impacts when a company says, “we’ll reschedule Christmas” and never does. So do not cancel or skip this traditions, because true conditions are never skipped.

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