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What is a 360 Review?

A 360 review is a company wide, or department wide, survey which is completed anonymously by all parties to gain invaluable information about various parts of an organization and it’s workplace culture.

Why do staff talk behind, and complain behind their bosses back?

Simply, they fear the risk of punishment, or dismissal for speaking their mind. So they would rather gossip, backstab, complain and nitpick in the shadows.

Imagine if you had the ability to get unfiltered, unedited, blunt, honest feedback. What could you do with that level of truth and honesty?

What can a 360 review do for your organization? 

A 360 review will give you full insight into how your team is feeling, what they think of the current operations, their loyalty to the company along with measurable data to allow you to act effectively to make educated changes within your oganisation.

Benefits of a 360 Review

With honest feedback from those within the trenches, leaders can make positive change and growth within the workplace’s culture, sales and organisation as a whole.

With open, honest feedback, no one telling you what they think you want to hear or only what will make you happy, you can make powerful, calculated change for the betterment of your company.

What's included in the 360 review

Included in our 360 Review is a set of fully customised questions and topics.

While some questions are required for us to ask, you have the ability to add or change others.
Once the review is completed our team will deliver a report and presentation to your leadership team. This report will cover all the data received and outline details which would benefit you.
With the final report we provide you with a 12-24 month action plan on what actions are recommended to take to ensure continued growth.

Outcomes & Benefits From 360 Review

Improved Morale
Company insight
open feedback
Employee Validation
Measurable Data
Vision for the future
Creative Outlook

Invest in Your Staff With Our Team Maintenance Plan

All 360 reviews are customised to ensure you get the best information possible to suit your company.

No surveys will include questions requesting they identify themselves, as the surveys are anonymous. The most identifiable questions may be what department or level within the hierarchy do they belong to.


The most important thing you must know about a 360 review, is that you MUST act on the information you receive. You can not simply say “thanks” and go back to doing what you’ve always done (unless that is the outcome of the survey). 
You must act on feedback given because if you don’t your team will never give feedback again as you’ve proven to them you truly don’t care about their feedback or feelings.

Ideally a 360 review is best done for one’s whole organization. It gives you  company wide, measurable data.

Alternatively a whole department can be done to give departmental only feedback.

The final report will cover all questions and sumarises all data for you. 

Depending on the level of detail and customization you request will impact the final report. 

With a company wide review we include departmental tags, so not only will you get a company wide report but it can be broken down by department as well.

Pricing varies according to group size and level of customization.


It’s best to speak to our team about your needs to receive a quote.

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