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With over 25 years of International Team Building and Leadership Experience, Premier Team Building is Australia’s Leaders in Result Driven Team Building Events.

When you work with Premier Team Building you’ll experience result driven team events. Rather than just spending money on something flashy and empty, Premier Team Building’s epic events are not only fun but a great way to build a team.

If you’re looking for an exciting, fun, powerful team building event look no further!

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Exciting Corporate Events

Gone are the days of cookie cutter team bonding events. Teams are actively seeking team building events and workshops which bring them value, fun, and development. With Premier Team Building, all of our team building events are customised to ensure they deliver positive impact and change to your team. Along with be exciting and fun, your team will walk away feeling inspired, motivated and confident with their new or developed skills.

Collaborative Team Events

Collaborative team building events are a fun and powerful way to develop your team. While on the surface you're just playing with toys, then BOOM a powerful team is born!


Some teams are united through fun competition, so unleash their competitive side by mixing into new teams as you do battle. Be it a race, or to build something unqie.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community is often a key value for many great organisations. With CSR events your team not only gets to develop as one, but give back to the community.


A little less heavy handed on the team "building' side, social events, when done well, area great way to develop your team, build new relationship and create deeper bonds.

Amazing Team Building Events

Explore our range of amazing team building events. 

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With over 100 options we have many “off menu” team events to pick from!

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Our Team Maintenance Plan

On going support and maintenance plans are the best way to main peak performance and mitigate the risk of team breakdown. The Team Maintenance Place is designed to ensure you have consistent, on point team development which is customised to suit you and your unique team.
Our Other Team Building Events

Premier Team Building is a leading provider of team building events in Australia. We offer a wide range of programs that are designed to improve communication, problem solving, reduce staff turnover, boost productivity and develop teamwork skills. Our amazing team building events are fun, engaging, and effective, as they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team.

Here are some of the most popular team building events offered by Premier Team Building:

  • LEGO® Masters: This event build collaboration, communication skills, resources management and time management. The best large scale team building event
  • Let’s Van Gogh Painting: Unlike other simple “Paint and Sip” team events, Let’s Van Gogh Painting focuses on communication, understanding, goal setting and target alignment. This painting team event is great for small or large teams.
  • RC Speed Racer: This event combines building bridges and RC cars, and it’s a great way to test your team’s engineering and problem solving skills.
  • Mini Olympics: This event is a fun and competitive way to test your team’s skills in a variety of sports.
  • Mousetrap: This event is a classic team building challenge, and it’s a great way to get your team working together.

Premier Team Building also offers a variety of other team building events, including leadership workshops, scavenger hunts, and more. To learn more about our which is the best team activity for your staff, take our free team assessment.

Here are some of the benefits of team building events:

  • Improved communication: Team building events can help to improve communication between team members. When team members work together to solve problems or complete challenges, they learn how to communicate effectively with each other.
  • Increased problem solving skills: Team building events can also help to increase problem solving skills. When team members are faced with challenges, they have to work together to come up with solutions. This helps them to develop their problem solving skills and learn how to think critically.
  • Enhanced teamwork: Team building events can help to enhance teamwork. When team members work together to achieve a common goal, they learn how to rely on each other and support each other. This helps to create a stronger team that is more likely to succeed.

If you’re looking for a way to improve communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills in your team, then a team building event from Premier Team Building is a great option. Their events are fun, engaging, and effective, and they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team.


Premier Team Building supports all of Australia, and the Globe, with it’s amazing team events.

Best Sydney Team Events: LEGO® Masters, Photo Hunt, Let’s Van Gogh Painting, Cardboard Sailor, Amazing Race, Mousetrap

Best Melbourne Team Events: Let’s Van Gogh Painting, Cardboard Sailor, LEGO® Masters

Best Perth Team Events: RC Speed Racer, Mousetrap, Mini-Olympics, LEGO® Masters,

Best Brisbane Team Event: Race for Hope, Amazing Race, LEGO® Masters

Charity Team Events: Golf Charity Event, Race for Hope, Billy Cart Build, LEGO® Masters