Offering programs at various sites all over New South Wales. Facilitating events at your business, while your away at conferences, local parks, resorts and even your local watering hole. Premier Team Building has programs which can be adapted to countless locations to reach your desired goals

Time Duration

Programs vary in length from 90 minutes or less to full day events. Tell us what time restraints you have and we can find the best program to suit your schedule and goals

Size of Group

Our programs can accommodate as little as 4 people to 50+. Every company deserves, and at times needs team building and bonding event, that’s why Premier Team Building has flexible programs which can accommodate small to large groups.


Premier Team Building has various programs for you to choose from, such as


So much fun! Each year we like to organise an event for our team, whether it be a social activity or an activity of some sort. This year, we booked Pip from Premier Team Building after a great recommendation from a friend who had Pip from Premier at their work event. Pip took our team away from the work place and put together a program that suited our team, got them out of their comfort zones, challenged them and had a blast at the same time. What I really liked about Pip and his service, was that he spoke to us before the event and asked what we needed most from his program, learned about the team we had so everything we did was relevant and people could enjoy themselves and take something away. It was great to get to know the people around you and without sounding cliche, I would confidently say that it has improved our team culture and productivity. I've had some great feedback from team members, we are still talking about it even after a couple of weeks. Pip was professional, delivered the activities well and is so easy to get along with. We definite enjoyed our afternoon with Pip & Premier Team Building. 10/10!

- Claire B.

We recently engaged Premier Team Building for a one day workshop to smooth the integration of some new members of our organisation and help develop a stronger sense of camaraderie amongst our existing team. Right from the initial consultation, Pip was professional and thorough in outlining the services they could provide and helping establish objectives for the success of our event. The exercises on the day were exceedingly entertaining, whilst still relevant, effective and unique. They were able to accommodate our whole team including a range of ages and mobility requirements. The feedback from our staff has been unconditionally positive, with several of our senior members advocating the lack of clichéd activities they are familiar with from similar events in the past. There has been a notable improvement in the ethos and freedom of communication within our Sydney office, which has been reflected in exchanges with our clients and has helped us present as a united front rather than a collection of individuals. Could not recommend their services enough.

- Matt E.

We had such a fun time with Pip. We did the minute to win it games combines with staff drinks and the whole evening was very entertaining and fun. Then today I received the team health check report which was spot on. Pip’s recommendations for moving forward are excellent and realistic. Can highly recommend Premier Team Building.

- Katrina-Calais Estate

Pip and his team are incredibly skilled at inspiring teams to work together to achieve per-determined goals. The sessions are so much fun, you don't realise you're working to improve trust and communication with your colleagues. Highly recommend Premier Team Building for large and smaller teams.

- Sarah L

We had our Xmas in July party with Premier Team Building. It was such an exciting day, everyone loved it. Pip took the worry out of planning an enjoyable work event and did all the hard work for us. All we had to do was show up and have fun!

- Black Lion Digital

Team building done right, fun and professional! Highly recommended.

- Chris

Such a great time! We had the pleasure of taking our team out for an event with Premier Team Building, but we've also done work along side them. The event was fun and spot on for our needs! Don't waste your time looking elsewhere!

- Simon

As soon as i met Pip i knew we had to do business together! His energy is so motivating and fun. The creative challenges and games he set for our team perfectly catered for our needs in our Gymnastics business. They challenged the body and the mind and forced us to think outside the box. Learning when and how to lean on your team definitely bonded us more together. Thank you for your time with us. We highly recommend ANY business to use Premier Team Building if you want to create a stronger bond and culture with your staff. See you in December for our staff xmas party!

- Gymnastics 21

Pip and the premier team have been amazing, very creative in their team building exercises. Making sure everyone is included even the shy or the stubborn are involved. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve teamwork and overall work place relations!

- Jordan

A massive thank you to Pip and his team from Premier! They are professional and accommodating and were wonderful to work with before and during our event. Pip ensured everyone got involved and enjoyed themselves. We cannot recommended Premier Team Building highly enough and look forward to working with them again in the future!

- Kate

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