Your Culture is showing…

Are you genuine or just culture clout-chasing? Come June 1st, if you scroll through social media, you’ll see countless organizations posting about Pride Month and Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month. BUT if you search their social media pages, chances are, you won’t see either of these mentioned again until the previous year’s June. Why is […]

Captain’s Duel: Picard vs. Kirk – Who’s the Better Leader?

Alright Trekkies, which leader do you pick? It’s time to settle one of the most heated debates in the galaxy: who is the superior leader, the stoic, driven, Jean-Luc Picard or the daring, charming, charismatic James T. Kirk? Grab your phasers and engage your warp drives, because this battle of the captains is about to […]

The Quiet Power: Why Introverted Leaders Thrive in Today’s Workplace

Quiet or Loud. Who’s better? In the fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape of 2024, the traditional idea that an effective leader must be an extrovert – charismatic, outgoing individuals who command attention and drive discussions. However, recent research and insights from renowned publications like the Harvard Business Review and Forbes challenge this conventional idea, revealing the […]

The Importance of Team Building for Remote and Hybrid Teams

What are the benefits of team building activities for remote teams? In this modern day, many companies have team members who work remotely, or after COVID they’ve chosen a more Hybrid working environment. But just because we don’t have our teams physically together the way we used to, doesn’t mean we don’t need to invest […]

Motivation & Team Building

I have been following Carol Fox lately.  She is a confident Communication Expert.  I have been going to her sessions on the new sports program “She Can Coach Project”  This woman is absolutely amazing! Carol talks how the way we communicate, the different ways to communicate and how to speak to someone with different communication […]

Is Team Building Even Worth It? 

Is going to a dentist worth it? Or going to see a car mechanic worth it?  If you answered yes, then Team Building activities are worth it too.  See you don’t just go to the dentist once and all of a sudden, your teeth and gums are good for life, and you don’t just go […]

Unplugging After Work? Australia’s Right to Disconnect Explained

Australian Right to Disconnect: A Guide for Employers Big news for Aussie workplaces! The Right to Disconnect legislation is coming into effect, empowering employees to switch off after hours and prioritize their well-being. As of February 2024, the Closing Loopholes Bill No. 2, which includes “the right to disconnect” passed parliament and it is now […]

Financial Benefits of Investing in Your Team

Happiness, Wellbeing, Culture, and Motivation in the workplace Over the years studies have consistently shown a strong correlation between investing in your team’s happiness, wellbeing, culture, and motivation, and tangible financial benefits for your organization. While we at Premier Team Building have documenting and studying this for many years, here are some Australian studies and […]

Bonding Buddies or Collaborative Champions?

Demystifying Team Building vs. Team Bonding. At Premier Team Building, we’re passionate about helping teams thrive. But when it comes to fostering a productive and happy workforce, there’s often confusion between team building and team bonding. While both are crucial, they serve distinct purposes. Let’s unpack the difference and equip you to choose the right […]