Security Culture Workshop


In 2022, the average cost of a data breach was $4.35 million. Does your team have the skill, understanding and appreciation to pick up phishing emails and breach attempts?


Having all the best tools and toys for “security” will never protect you from human error and vulnerability. The only way to protect your company is by developing a security culture.


Australia Wide


3 Hour Session

Group Size

Teams of 4+

Why You Need Cyber Security Training

Do you have Cyber Security Insurance? 

Did you know that most providers require your team to be trained annually, through and IN-PERSON workshop?

Just having Cyber Security  Insurance isn’t a guarantee that you will be paid out in the instance of a cyber attack. You will need to prove that you did everything possible to mitigate the risk of a data breach or cyber attack. This includes a documented in person training session for your team.


Our Security Culture Workshop will help your team understand their role in the companies Cyber Security, how to build a culture around smart cyber behaviors, how to identify and address potential risks for the company.

Security Culture Workshop Inclusions​

Explore the role each person plays in the collective safety of your workplace’s and client’s data

Why would someone try to scam a large company? Are you safe because you’re a “small fish”?

Learn from industry experts on the purpose and the long game of phishing scams

All the money and tech in the world can not solve the human factor.
Explore where people fit in, the risks they bring and explore how to educate your workplace about positive workplace culture.

Get in the mind of scammers.

Build carefully crafted scams, phishing emails and  design data hacks.

Your team will love the creative challenge of trying to trick their co-workers into releasing personal data.

In the changing landscape of working remotely, learn how to build security into your team’s practices to keep them safe at home, on the road, or while away at conference.

Where does the companies safety start and your personal data end?
Learn about the web of data and how we each have skin in the game.

Cyber Security Workshop

This creative, hands-on workshop will develop your workplace’s security culture in a fun and exciting way.

Design your own phishing scam to trick your teammates, and learn from industry leaders on the most recent techniques in use.


Explore the human factor in security, where weaknesses exist and develop a workable strategy to improve your workplace’s security culture.

Benefits of a Building a Cyber Security Culture

Building a positive culture around security can do more than just stop data breaches. It can lead to:

  • Increased customer trust. Customers are increasingly concerned about the security of their data. A cyber security culture can help to build customer trust by demonstrating that the organization is committed to protecting their data.
  • Reduced legal liability. A data breach can lead to legal liability for the organization. A cyber security culture can help to reduce legal liability by demonstrating that the organization took reasonable steps to protect its data.
  • Personal Safety. Whilst many people might think only of the company, a data breach also puts all staff at risk. Building a Security Culture is key to ensuring all staff and their families data is safe from any potential hacking or scams

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