Your Mission... If you choose to accept it... Working as a team you'll get to live out your inner spy dream!

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Spy Games Team Building Event


Are you the ultimate spy team? 

Let's be honest, we've all had a dream about being a spy. Sneaking around, solving puzzles, stealing jewels or navigating laser traps. Well the Spy Games Team Building Event let you and your team live out those dreams! Live out your Mission Impossible dream!


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is for your team to complete a series of spy related challenges. Climb through a laser maze, navigate through a minefield, steal priceless jewels and so many other fun spy games.

You & the team will have to rely on each other physically and mentally to solve these complex challenges. Some will require you t0 build tools to complete a challenge, others you'll need to work together physically to complete the challenge.
An amazing event to create a solid team, develop creative thinkers and an absolutely fun, epic event!



Skill Development & Outcomes

Skill Development Best Corporate Team Building Events | Sydney | Newcastle | Hunter Valley | New South Wales | Premier Team Building

✪ Problem Solving
✪ Improved Morale
✪ Planning Skills
✪ Communication
✪ Developed Negotiation Skills
✪ Project Management
✪ Trust
✪ Unity
✪ Creative Thinking

Program includes:

  • Fully customised program delivery targeting your objectives and goals
  • Post event follow up from your facilitator to check on teams development
  • Team Health Check report & On going recommendations for further development

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