Team Ropes Package

Take part in an amazing half day event with Team Ropes. Start off with ground based team building, before we climb up into the tree tops for a ropes course experience as a team

  • Location


    Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Sydney+

  • Duration


    Half Day

  • Size



Team Ropes

An exciting half day event combining an amazing team building program, followed by an amazing ropes course climb or an indoor climb

Team Ropes is an ultimate team building event. This exciting program is a half day event as we start with a series of fun custom designed team building challenges, where we develop many key skills required for any great workplace. Focusing on specific, relatable skills for your team and how they work together in the workplace; but also skills required to be successful as a team completing the ropes course. Starting on the ground, for just over an hour, as we engage in unique team building challenges, followed by the thrilling climb through the ropes course.

This package is not only a fun and exciting day, but also builds the skills needed for your team to deliver their very best in the workplace.


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