Team VR

Strap on the goggles and dive into a VR world while your team helps you solve puzzles and even defuse a bomb

  • Location


    Toronto, NSW

  • Duration


    1.5+ Hrs

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Team VR - Virtual Reality Team Building Challenges


The future is here, so strap in and lets begin!!

Working with Experts in the VR world, we have a range of team building challenges which will have you playing VR games together! Be it trying to defuse a bomb, solving complex puzzles and so much more.

Strap on the goggles and hand controls and dive deep into the VR world. These VR games will have your team working in a VR challenge while those outside of the game give directions and manipulate the VR world to help or hinder.

These VR games are a great way to develop communication skills, problem solving all while exploring a VR world.

Be it defusing a bomb or solving a complex moving puzzle, this is not only engaging but a fun & creative team event


Skill Development & Outcomes

Skill Development Best Corporate Team Building Events | Sydney | Newcastle | Hunter Valley | New South Wales | Premier Team Building

✪ Problem Solving
✪ Improved Morale
✪ Planning Skills
✪ Communication
✪ Developed Negotiation Skills
✪ Project Management
✪ Trust
✪ Unity
✪ Creative Thinking

Program includes:

  • Fully customised program delivery targeting your objectives and goals
  • Post event follow up from your facilitator to check on teams development
  • Team Health Check report & On going recommendations for further development

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