Cardboard Sailor

“I’m the Captain now!”

Heading to your nearest beach or body of water your team will attempt to build a seaworthy boat all out of cardboard & tape.

Race against the other teams in this fun and hilarious team event. 

Will your boat float or will the open waters swallow your vessel? 


Outdoor Event - Calm Waters


2-4 hours

Group Size


Take to open waters in this creative team building event

Splitting your group into small teams they’ll each receive the same amount of cardboard and tape with the simple goal: Build a sea worthy vessel! 

This team building event is sure to bring laughs while strengthening the teams creative thinking, problem solving and budget managment skills.

Your team will have an amazing time in this fun and wet team building event.

Suitable for your local beach, lake or even a pool, carboard sailor is a great outdoor team event.

Not only does your team need to race against each other on the open water, but they’re also racing against the clock as they need to build their seaworthy vessel.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Resource management
Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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