LEGO® Masters

Release your inner child, unlock your creative side and BUILD WITH LEGO®! Splitting into small teams, you will choose a series of challenges which you will then need to complete in one master LEGO® masterpiece! Perhaps you will need to build a house with a working slide through 3 stories where a marble will be sent to test it; or build the most amazing space ship that can hold a coffee mug. The challenges and ideas are endless.

The only rule… can only be made out of LEGO®!


Indoor Event


90min +

Group Size


TICK.... TOCK...

The clock is ticking as you unleash your creative problem solving skills and imagination to create the most wonderful LEGO® Creations.

Each team will have their own set of LEGO® supplies to ensure full creative thinking can be done. Will you need to follow a theme like Christmas or just have fun with it?!

This event is perfect for teams wanting something indoors, high energy, creative and just plain old fun!

Even prizes to be won for most creative teams!

Use this program as a break out session while away at a conference, between meetings or for a unique corporate team building event.

LEGO® Masters is sure to bring everyone together and make lasting memories.

LEGO® is known to cause stress, so you get to see your teams ability to handle stress as they build miniature worlds all from LEGP® with this amazing corporate team building program

Five Amazing Event Options

LEGO® Creators
Split into teams, you will draw a random card to discover your Global challenge. As a collective team work towards creating a collective build.
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Blind LEGO® Masters
Split into pairs or small groups, one half is blindfolded while the other half has to coach them on where and how to build their LEGO® kit
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Lost In Translation
You have the instructions, but they're not in the room! One at a time, go out, review instructions then return to coach the team.
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LEGO® Communicators
With a pre-built LEGO® kit, your team will need to pass instructions through the team before the last person has to rebuild as per the instructions received
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Pick A Card
Unleash your competitive side. Pick to choose your task. Each team will compete against each other to create the best, most unique build.
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LEGO® Charity Events
Ask about how you can turn your LEGO® event into a charity event. With the purchase of all new LEGO® we can donate it to a local charity post event
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Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking

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