Mouse Trap Racer

If we gave you a mouse trap, some CDs and glue… could you make a working car?

Well this challenge will push you to do just that.
Team’s will have to research, collaborate, design then build a working car with a Mouse Trap as an engine.
This fun, fast pace, creative team challenge makes for an amazing breakout session, conference challenge or a stand alone team building event.

Each team gets to take home their creation to show off.




90min +

Group Size


Hands On Team Building

This might look like just some fun arts and crafts challenge, but there is so much more that lies beneath the surface.

Teams not only have to work together to figure out how to build a working car, but come the end of the challenge they’ll need to compete against other teams for the best build.

Are we racing for speed or distance? This will change the way your team builds and implements their design

Leave It All On The Race Track

Will you choose to observe those around you? Will you finish early to test or will you run out the clock.

This is a powerful project management and planning challenge. 

You not only have the clock to manage, but your resources and customer expectations.

Your team will love this abstract challenge and walk away with a greater understanding of project planning and management skills.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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