Mouse Trap

Relive your childhood as your team creates a life size Mouse Trap Board game! Like the classic game, your team will need to build an elaborate yet effective cause and effect domino style track through the Mouse Trap Team Event. Build either a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine or split into smaller groups to build your tack before you set them in motion with this collaborative team building activity. Similar to the classic dominos game, stack them up, make them fall.


Indoor Or Outdoor Event


1.5-3+ Hour Event

Group Size

Teams Of All Size

Mouse Trap Team Challenge

Mouse Trap is a powerful team building event designed to educate, develop and strengthen teams across Australia.

This Team event teaches team’s the importance of cross-departmental liaising, communication, planning, resource management and global success. 

Will each section connect and align with each other? Will they succeed at this team challenge? An exciting and engaging team building event.

1. Build It!

Split into smaller “departments” each group will be given their materials and individual track challenge. Will they need to go over, under or around another section?
Using Marbles, dominos, blocks, and random toys to create their section.

Once all sections are built, they must ensure all track sections connect and work properly.

2. Knock it over!

The best part of the team challenge… Once the track is built, they have to know it all over. 

Knock over the first Domino and we get to see if they all fall in order. Only if a team has successfully worked together, and supported each other, will they succeed in the team building challenge.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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