Need For Speed

Don’t let “The Man” hold you back with this creative, engaging hands on team building event.

Harness the power of wind, or water to power a car that you and your teammates build.

Once your car is built, and hopefully working, you’ll race against other teams to see who is the fastest or whose can travel the furthest.


Indoor Event


1.5 Hours +

Group Size

Teams of 10+

Hands On Team Challenge

Need For Speed will push your team’s patience with each other as they draw cards to see what kind of car design they’ll build through this team challenge.
Will your car be powered by air or perhaps by pressured water?

This challenge will require creative and unique car builds. We’re looking for gorgeous, creative and funky looking cars!


Will you choose bottle lids for your tires? Maybe you’ll select CDs or one of the other funky supplies your team will have access to.

Does Your Team Feel The Need For Speed?

Will your team choose to build for speed or distance? How will they choose to make his decision?

Need For Speed will push your team to debate, plan, design and review their progress.

Need For Speed is a great conference team event or an in office team challenge.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Design Skills
Review & growth
Planning Skills
Resource Management
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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