Photo Hunt

This modern era treasure hunt is an amazing team event. Be it around a major city, local town, nearby park or even a resort we customise this event for your venue and team!

Breaking up into smaller groups, each team will have to race around searching for hidden clues and treasures as you take part in a 21st century treasure hunt

Find hidden QR codes follow their instructions, you may have to post a live video of your team doing their favourite Spice Girls rendition or post a funny selfie. They’ll need to follow the right hashtag, check in at the right location, tag the correct people,this is the only way you’ll get the next clue!


Outdoor Event


2-5 Hours

Group Size


A modern day treasure hunt

Not only will this race make for some hilarious photos and videos of you team out for the day, but boost your companies profile!​ Your team will live it up live on social media as they showcase their funny adventures through this fun scavenger hung Not only will they live it up live for all to see, but they will also walk away with a pocket full of memories.

Use forced perspective, follow GPS coordinates, find hidden treasures and gather clues.

At times you’ll even have guest video challenges from around the world as they pose you fun and comical challenges to do as a team

A Scavenger Hunt Like No Other

With the use of our fully customized App, your team will take part in a unique, one of a kind experience tailored to your unique team, location goals and theme of your event.

Each chapter of the race will force you to complete different challenges and tasks before moving on to new chapters. Taking photos, videos, finding options or completing tasks.

This race will create lasting memories for your team and reinforce a powerful connection and culture within your team

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

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