Raw Survivor

The ultimate team challenge!

What happens when you combine Survivor Challenges and the Raw Challenge? The most epic team day!

Splitting into tribes, your team will take on the epic mud obstacle course at Raw while also mixing in a series of Survivor Challenges.

This is the perfect mix of brain and brawn. Solve complex puzzles, climb over walls, take part in stamina tasks while crawling through the mud. 

This  event will leave a lasting memory on your team.


Doyalson, NSW


Up to 4 Hours

Group Size


Team Building At It's Best

Raw Survivor will push your team to new heights of success. This team building challenge will not only be an amazing experience, but your team will walk away with lasting memories.

Tribes will have to physically support one another though series of muddy challenges as they race against other tribes before they come face to face with Survivor puzzles and tasks.

It’s not all about who’s the strongest, but who has the cunning to handle the various challenges you’ll face through the experience 

More Than Just Mud

Raw Survivor takes the best of both challenges. Take on physically muddy Raw obstacles before you race to solve puzzles before you can move on.
Each section of the Raw Challenge includes a Survivor Challenge you must complete before moving along. 

Will you solve the puzzle? Build the tower quick enough? 

Your tribes will need to communicate, strategize and support each other through this amazing team building event.

Premier Team Building is proud to work with our partners at Raw Challenge for this epic mud team building challenge.

Raw Survivor Team Building FAQs

We do have a “dry” option for Raw Survivor that doesn’t require you to get muddy or wet.

There are showers on site, with changing areas for team members to sue

A BBQ can be arranged for your team after the race, or the nearby club has an amazing restaurant 

The goal is to get involved! Our Facilitators will be taking photos and videos the whole way and give them to you after the event, no extra charge!

There’s a role for everyone to play! If you can’t get down and muddy you can help with the survivor team building challenges

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Creative Thinking
Delivering custom designed programs

Free Team Assessment

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