Micro Team Events

Small Group? Tight Budget? We’ve got you!

Our Micro Team Events are perfect small group team building events.

These micro events might be short, but we do not sacrifice the quality!

We’ve selected a few epic, events perfect for small teams on a tight budget

Small teams matter too!


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Small Team Events

Just because you have a small team or a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t experience the best team building events!
We’ve selected a number of programs which are perfect for small teams with a short period of time.

These amazing, fun team building events are not only ideal for small teams, but they also deliver great results in a short period of time.

Explore our range of small team building event options and allow us to deliver a great experience for your small, yet mighty team.

Our Micro Events are for teams less than 15 people and take only 1 hour to complete. Saving you time and money, without sacrificing quality.

LEGO® Speed Daemon
This hands-on small team event is perfect for those who want collaborative yet competitive team challenge.
Split into teams, with an abundance of LEGO®, they'll need to design then build a working car our of LEGO® before we take them to the drag strip.

This is a perfect small team event to build collaborative skills, resource planning, time managements and more.
Build it, knock it down! Bring a childhood classic to life! Build a life sized Mousetrap.
Like the board game, this event is all about cause & effect. The passing and receiving of information. Your team will build a winding wild track out of HotWheels, Marbles, Dominos & more.At the end we hit go and watch it all fall over, piece by piece.
Photo Hunt
Exciting and hilarious fun, a modern day scavenger hunt as you live it up on social media as a team!
This is the perfect end of year event, or something just fun for those small teams.
Using our customized app, your team will explore your city while completing a series of goofy fun challenges. You'll get to keep all photos to remember this amazing day
Team Building 101
A classic team event to not only bring your team together but to also develop key skills as a group.
A series of simple team challenges, each one expanding off the last. You'll experience bits of all the best events like Mini-Olympics and Survivor while building an unstoppable team. Perfect for an indoor or outdoor event.
This is a classic team events, perfect for small teams.
Build It Hight
With only the use of marshmallows and pasta, or if you're lucky and sing us a song maybe toothpicks too; your team will need to work together to build the tallest, most stable tower possible. This event brings collaboration to life as you need to plan, review and adapt your build along the way.
Prefect for the part of your boardroom, this event will unite your small team and develop those key project development skills you've been seeking.
Minute To Win It
An epic, high energy, goofy, fun team event. Perfect for your small team at either your office or even the pub. Split into small team's its you against the clock as you take on a series of fun, silly challenges that only last 60 seconds.
This is a perfect event for an end of year event, celebrating a special moment or just brining your team together.
This is a hidden gem for those team's wanting something a bit more than just a our event. Pathfinder is a DIY Photo Hunt where we design you a customised race through our custom app. Giving you access to the custom race app, you can pick when you want to run your event at your own time and speed.
We will even supply you with all your photos post event!

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