Wings Of Collaboration

Take to the skies with this hands-on, creative, fun team building activity. Tap into the spirit of the Wright brothers and build your very own flying machine.

This event pushes your team to design, test and then fly their very own flying machine.

Compete against other teams or build one giant flying machine as one large team, the possibilities are endless!


Outdoor OR Indoor Event



Group Size

Teams of
6 - 2000+

Take To The Skies ✈️

Split into multiple teams, each team will be provided with identical resources: Cardboard, foam board, Tape, Wire, Paper, dowels and more random resources to build a plane as part of this team building activity.

Each team needs to design and build their own unique plane before the competition begins. Which plane will travel the furthest? Which can carry the most cargo? Or maybe which plan can hit the target ahead?

Your team will love this plane building team activity.

Large Team Challenge


Forget the overly competitive sife and work as one large team to build a giant plane our of Cardboard and other craft resources.

Once built allow a few of your team to run across the field to see if your creative takes to the sky in this larger-than-life challenge.

Wings Of Collaboration is a great team building activity for teams of all size. Work as small teams building your own mini-plane or as a large group to build a large model.
This flexible event can be run at your office, conference venue or at any outdoor site.

The perfect team activity for conferences, meetings and team retreats.

Skill Development & Outcomes
Problem Solving
Improved Morale
Planning Skills
Negotiation Skills
Project Management
Creative Thinking
Resource Management
Time Management
Delivering custom designed programs

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