Team Development Programs – Get Your Money’s Worth!

Team Development Programs – Get Your Money’s Worth!

When it comes to team development programs how do you get the most bang for your buck?

Many bosses say they have become disenfranchised by the idea of team development programs. The feeling is that there is little to no return on their investment in team development programs. Team members get sent on training programs, and learn new skills, yet nothing seems to really change in the workplace.

Were there ever any benefits from the company’s investment?

Why is it that so many companies struggle to get any benefits from their investment in their team’s development?

The most common reason companies struggle to see any benefits from sending their team away on development days, is a lack of accountability from themselves. Not due to their team, but the leader’s lack of accountability.

So how do you improve? How do you see the returns on your investment?

If you follow these 3 simple tips, you WILL see a much higher return on your investment within your team

Plan Action Meeting- Before your team, or individual even departs on their program, make sure you schedule a meeting with them first thing on the day of their return. Not a week later, but on day 1. The team is full of passion, motivation, and inspiration. Capture that energy and act. Find out what they have learned and HOW they can help you implement these changes.
Plan Follow-Up Meeting- After your action meeting, give them 1-2 weeks tops, before you check in with them to see how they are progressing at implementing the changes & goals you set in step 1. Have this meeting scheduled before they even departed on the training program.
YOU Must Submit To The Process- As the leader, you must submit to the process, and accept the changes. If you have done your due diligence, you will have sent the team on a team development program that would benefit them and the company. They have the new skills to help you. So approach this situation openly and willingly to grow, use the OKAY, HOW principle. If you do not allow yourself to accept these changes, then the team never will and you will never grow.

As you see this all comes down to you planning on implementing the changes. It comes down to holding yourself accountable. You’ve purchased a new tool, so use it!

When it comes to seeing the highest ROI on your investment in team development programs, you need to act early and accept the process. If you allow the team to go back to work, play catch up, they will lose all momentum and you will not see any growth.